Thursday, October 31, 2019

Birthday card featuring colour printed leaves, a font greeting and some fiber and eyelets

Another card for upcoming family birthdays.  I started with another large envelope and created a green card to fit inside.  I digitally altered the leaf image (CLKER) by adjusting the colour to get the three colours - green, yellow and red.  I sized and arranged them in Corel Draw, added a font greeting and printed it on white cardstock.  I trimmed the image from the letter sized sheet and added some texture using my pattern tracing wheel.  I love the look of it!!  I cut a piece of brown cardstock and then tore it to create a gap and then added eyelets and red fiber to make an interesting design element.  I glued this tied up layer to the front of my card and then mounted my large image over it.  Have not used eyelets in years but really happy how this turned out.  I am enjoying making large cards. 


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Christmas card featuring a reused card front, layering and a small layered greeting

Stash busting in support of stash building!!  Creating Christmas cards with a stack of used cards that were donated to me!!
For this card I trimmed the central image to fit on the front of an A2 sized card and added two small strips of red on each side before adhering this large element to the front of a green card.  I punched a Modern Label from a scrap of the same red and added a small font greeting punched with the Word Window punch (SU) over it and then mounted it to my card using 3D foam tape.


Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Christmas cards featuring used Christmas cards, some layering and small layered font greetings

More stash busting!  for these three cards I trimmed the main images from the cards, added a layer on the only the first one and then added a coordinating layered greeting featuring Word Window punchie font greetings and coordinating Modern Label punchies added with 3D foam tape.    Therese

Monday, October 28, 2019

Christmas cards featuring used card fronts simply layered

Still stash busting a large pile of used Christmas cards that were donated to me. 
For these two cards I simply had to trim the images to size and add a layer before adhering to a coordinating card front.  These were quick and easy!!        Therese

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Christmas cards created by simply layering my card fronts and adding some texture

A few more cards!!  This top card was simply trimmed from the original, layered onto navy blue and then onto pink.  Easy, peasy!!
For the next one, I trimmed the torn off back from the front and trimmed the bottom edge using scallop decorative scissors.  I pierced each scallop with a push pin to add texture and then used my pattern tracing wheel to add a pierced line to the other three sides and then three more random ones below the Joy to the World greeting.  I added a gold layer to this image.  I embossed a dark maroon layer and glued it to my dark green card.  I adhered the focal image to my layered card front to finish it off.
My last one started with a small card.  I trimmed off the torn back and then trimmed the green to be even all the way around.  I added a gold layer which I trimmed leaving a bit of extra on the right hand side which I trimmed with the scallop decorative scissors, pierced each scallop and then added an embossed line between them and the image to nicely finish off this layer. I glued this large element to a maroon card front.  Therese

A thank you card and a set of cards put together to create a hostess gift

I always appreciate having card kits on hand because when you need cards on short notice you don't have to start from scratch to get some cards made.  I made this card for a friend who invited us for dinner and I know that always appreciates handmade cards as she is always blessing those around her with special greetings.  
For my thank you card I dug through the stash on my desk to see what I had that would work together!!  I found the greeting first. I trimmed it's ends and ran the tracing wheel over it to give it some texture.  I found the background and the black card in my little stashes of precut papers on my desk.  Too easy!!  I layered the background onto the front of my black card and decided to add two black brads to my greeting before adhering it to my card using 3D foam tape.    Therese

 The first two cards were made up from card kits from the September cardmaking class.  You can check out the details here and here

The one on the right was part of the January cardmaking classs and you can find the details here.  

The second one is also from the September cardmaking class and you can find the details here. 

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Christmas card created with a used card front with some gold foil borders and a gold embossed greeting

For this card I trimmed the main element from a used card.  I started by embossing a little JOY greeting using gold embossing powder.  Next, I used my pattern tracing wheel to add four wavy lines of paper piercing to this layer.  I added two borders - top and bottom - of gold foil.  This foil is from packaging I found in my stash.  I trimmed it with my wavy rotary cutter.  I mounted this large element to a dark green card front. 
It is so satisfying to reuse these beautiful card fronts!!  They will be a blessing to many again this year!!


Friday, October 25, 2019

Christmas cards created by reusing card fronts and adding a layer and a greeting

Another three Christmas cards!! I started by trimming my cards to fit on my coordinating card fronts.  For my first card, I added a gold layer behind the beautifully foiled snowflake image, added the foiled greeting trimmed from the card with two tiny silver brads and then layered it onto a green card front. 

For my second card, I trimmed the beautifully foiled ornament from my card and tore the bottom edge to remove a quote.  I fit very nicely on my green card front.  To finish it off I simply added a font greeting from my stash layered with coordinating gold gift wrap with double sided tape!!

For my third card, I trimmed the front of the card and layered it with silver foil leaving it showing on the right and the left and it is also revealed through the star die cuts in the sky.  I added a small greeting printed on transparency to the lower left corner with two tiny white brads before I glued this large element to a dark blue card front. 


Christmas card featuring a card front, metallic border and bling

I am still refurbishing used Christmas cards to create a stash of cards for myself. 
For this one I trimmed this image from the large card and added a coordinating gold metallic border on the right hand side.  I cut it with a wavy cutter from gold metallic packaging from my stash.  I mounted this layer to a dark green card front, added a rhinestone to the middle of the star which I coloured with Sharpies and then used a red Sharpie to add colour to the ornaments on the tree!! 


Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Christmas cards created reusing card fronts, ribbon, and layered greetings

Here are a few more Christmas cards!!!  These ones involved adding another piece of cardstock, some ribbon and a greeting. 
For the top card I trimmed the wreath image which left me with a bit of a space at the bottom which I filled with an embossed strip of green cardstock.  I cut the bottom edge with scallop decorative scissors and used a push pin to pierce each scallop.  I added a gold ribbon over the joint between the pieces and then added my layered greeting using 3D foam tape.  The greeting came from my stash and I layered it onto a brown Modern Label punchie to coordinate with my image. 
For my second card, I trimmed out the little angel to fit on a green landscape card front.  It scrap I cut off worked perfectly to finish off the card on the right hand side so I adhered it to the image on the back with regular tape.  I added a silver ribbon over the joint and then added a layered font greeting from my stash which was created using a silver oval scallop punchie and an oval greeting punchie (SU). 
For my last card, I trimmed the card front to fit on a red landscape card front but needed a bit of a strip to finish it off.  I added an embossed strip of blue cardstock that coordinated with the snowflakes in the background of the Minions card.  I added a length of red fiber to cover the joint between the two.  I chose a greeting from my stash, layered it onto card green cardstock and then mounted it to my card in the top right hand corner using 3D foam tape. 
Three more for the bucket!!

Monday, October 21, 2019

Christmas card using a card front, ribbon and a snowflake embellishment

For this card, I trimmed the card down to fit on an A2 sized card but there was some writing I had to remove which left me with not enough height for my card so I cut the greeting off the bottom and then removed the section with the handwriting.  To fill the gap I added a wide red gros grain ribbon tucking both ends to the inside where they were secured with double sided tape.  I added a double snowflake embellishment which I secured with a tiny black brad over the ribbon on the left hand side which finished it off nicely.  I mounted all my pieces to a coordinating black card front.  Worked really well!!          Therese

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Christmas cards made by reusing card fronts, some ribbon/fiber and a greeting

I am finally getting started on Christmas cards and have decided to reduce my stash of old Christmas cards and therefore will be refurbishing some for this season.  I started with these two which simply needed to be trimmed to fit on an A2 card front.  I added a flagged red ribbon and layered round punchie greeting on the top one and a piece of red fiber and a layered oval greeting made from punchies (SU) on the second one!!  It is a beginning and I hope to get a few more done this week.   Therese

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Exchange card featuring a cute gnome (digital), an embossed and sanded background and a round punchie greeting

For my second exchange card I used the same gnome image from Birdie Brown.   I started with a large orange envelope and created a brown card to fit inside.  I embossed a variety of white core card stock pieces using three different embossing folders and then started gluing them together using regular tape on the back side until I had a piece big enough to cover my card.  I trimmed it small enough to leave a bit of a border all the way around.  I sanded the piece to better reveal the embossed patterns and then adhered it to my card front.  I watercoloured the gnome image (laser printed Birdie Brown digital) and layered it onto navy cardstock before adhering it to my card using 3D foam tape.  I found the round punchie greeting in my stash.  It is a laser printed digital from Netty's Cards which I punched with a round 1 3/4" circle punch (SU).  I watercoloured it to coordinate with my card and adhered it with 3D foam tape as well.  Great fall card!!             Therese

Monday, October 14, 2019

Exchange card featuring a woven background, a watercoloured little gnome and a round greeting

One of my exchange cards for October!  I started with a large orange envelope and created an ivory card that fit inside.  I added strips of handmade paper across the card and then wove colourful strips of cardstock to create a back ground.  Once I was happy with it I glued all the ends to the card using glue stick and double sided tape to secure all the  pieces to my card.  I trimmed the top and bottom of the card to create an even edge.  The little gnome (digital from Birdie Brown) was laser printed on white and watercoloured.  I layered it with three different colours of card stock and then mounted it to my card using 3D foam tape.  I dug through my stash of greetings and found this round one (SU) which I had stamped a while back.  I added a little yellow leaf punchie in the center, layered it onto a red circle and then mounted it to my card using 3D foam tape.


Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Another sympathy card featuring a crocus image with a font greeting, decorative paper and ribbon

I managed another sympathy card and am finally getting to blogging them.  I started with an ivory card and mounted a piece of soft teal decorative paper to it after mounting a gray ribbon across it.  I watercoloured the laser printed crocus image (Uniko) to coordinate.  I added a font greeting to it in a layout program before printing it.  I added yellow to the border with a fine gel pen which nicely echoes the stamen of the flower.  I mounted the image to my card using 3D foam tape and tied on a short piece to the one on my card to simulate a bow.  I am happy with this one!!  Therese