Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Lego card for my oldest grandson!!

My oldest grandson is having a Lego party for his birthday so I thought I would make him a card using that theme.  I created a background with little Lego block and watercoloured them the basic colours.  Our kids played with Lego in these colours but these days Legos come in a lot more colours as themed Lego sets are created for every occasion and many that coordinate with movie characters, etc.  Our grandchildren have a better selection of colours in their Lego boxes!!  After watercolouring all the blocks I added just a bit of colour in between to give them a place to be sitting.  I added the layered laser printed greeting with a flagged end and the mounted my little Lego to the end.  This little piece was created using a little rectangle of red cardstock and eight little pieces of round red fun foam.  These were diecut and came with a fun foam ornament kit but I expect you could use a punch and get the same look!  I like the 3D look of this piece!!  It looks so much like a piece of Lego!!  I am sure he will enjoy his fun day with family and friends!!

A penguin card for my youngest grandson!!

The penguin on this card was created by an young girl who is very creative and also loves to make cards.  I attended a meeting with her mother at their home and afterwards she was wanting each of us to take home some of her art.  I picked the penguin especially for my grandson's card.  It is made with Perler beads and was a bit thick so placed it between two layers of parchment paper and pressed it with a very hot iron which melted the beads further and reduced its thickness by half.  He is so cute!!  I decided to make it a removable element on his birthday card so he can add it to his penguin collection though quite a few of the others are stuffies!!  I punched a hole at the top, added a black ribbon hanger and mounted it to a dark gray card using double sided tape.  I glued the hanger to the inside of the card using magic tape so it would be easily removable.  I added a layered greeting to the bottom portion of my card.  A laser printing font greeting, a black strip of paper over a larger piece that has been punched on both sides with a scallop border punch.  I pierced each scallop with a push pin and mounted it to my card front.  I added a small strip of yellow cardstock to the right hand side of my card front and then a little fun heart next to my greeting!!  I am sure he will love the little penguin!!                   Therese

Wonky tree to Lovely as a tree for these Christmas cards

In an effort to finally finish off all the card kits on my desk I worked on transforming these Wonky Tree kits into something else.  These worked out better than the last ones which ended up being a complete overhaul.  I returned the navy borders and the wonky tree parts to my stash and glued the blue backgrounds to my white card fronts.  I stamped and embossed the set of trees from Lovely As A Tree (SU) in silver onto my backgrounds and then used scraps of white cardstock to create snowbanks for the bottom edge.  I stamped the greeting on the snow banks embossing them in silver as well.  I glued the snowbanks below the trees and trimmed them to the edge of the cards.  I was really tempted to add a ribbon or something above the trees but in the end talked myself out of it.  I may be inspired later to add "something" - we shall see!!  So I am doing well, that is another two Christmas cards for my Christmas card stash so I have caught up to my January and February goal for this year!!                Therese

Christmas cards with a Bethlehem die and O Holy Night greeting

I am working on getting a backlog of card kits off of my desk!!  These started their lives in the process of finishing off some Wonky Tree Christmas cards. Needless to say, that by the time I was finished I had changed all the elements and those of the wonky tree kits has been relegated to my stashes!!  Funny how the process works sometimes!!  Anyway, I am happy with the cards I got made so it is all good!!
I made these one at a time but in the end I chose the same blue cardstock for all of them because it was the best match for the decorative paper (MF) I had chosen.  The decorative paper was already cut and in my stash - a laser printed background from Morgue Files. I love how beautifully it simulates a sky!!  The little Bethlehem die cut ( Taylored Expressions) in black was mounted to a larger piece in each case and a piece of ribbon was mounted to cover the joint.  On the lower right hand one I tied on another short length of ribbon using a single knot to simulate a bow.    I glued the background on first and then added the focal element over it.  On the lower left hand card I mounted yellow cardstock behind some of the window openings which worked quite well.  On the other three I filled them in once they were on the card using a clear stardust gel pen which was much faster with almost the same effect. On the top two, I embossed the greeting - one in white and the other in silver.  On the bottom two I stamped in black Versafine on the decorative paper.  
I bought the Bethlehem die cut last year after pining after the SU set for quite a while.  The SU set had many more elements than I really wanted so I started looking for a single Bethlehem die which was what I wanted and reduced the cost of the investment.  In the end, I did buy the Nativity one as well and combined my order with my sister to cut shipping costs.  Very happy with my investment and love the look!!!  Well worth the money I spent and I look forward to using it for years to come.  
So a few more cards for my Christmas card stash which will go well to getting me caught up with my January and February cards.