Saturday, January 28, 2012

Charm bracelets

 Here are the two charm bracelets I created today using charms I created and received during my participation in the AFTCM charm swaps last year.   I started by separating my charms into two groups - ones with gold tones and ones with silver tones.

I laid the charms out as I wanted them to appear on the bracelet with the largest ones towards the middle and filling in with all the others. Just adding them to the chain's links using jump rings. I did create a few simple charms using I-pins and beads to use as fillers as well.  Our swapped charms were made using bottle caps, fragments, shrink plastic, CDs, dominoes and polymer clay.

I added some I made on my own using Scrabble tiles, "glass" beads I made using plastic from pop bottles and even one made from a paper bead.  I also added a cool stitched fabric inchie I received in one of my inchie swaps last year.
This project was a real stash buster for me.  I had the chain bracelets, jump rings, the I-pins & beads and the extra charms in my stash .
I am not sure how often I will wear these bracelets so I thought I would try to find a neat way to display them.

Here I have tied them around the sloping sides of an inverted glass. They sure look great!!So I am considering finding a bottle with the right diameter so I can display them nicely when I am not wearing them.  It seems a shame to store them in a box where no one will see them!!Might even wear them more often if they are where I can see them often!!

I am so glad I participated in the charm swap!!