Friday, January 18, 2013

More handmade paper!

I taught a Papermaking - techniques class this week to a group of young people!  They were so keen!!  We made embossed paper using fabrics as well as hot glue moulds, layered papers using botanicals (pressed cedar sprigs) and images from paper napkins and duplex papers using ivory and kraft brown - a full duplex sheet as well as an interesting arty one using a  pulp drawing that was added to a sheet of plain paper in the opposite colour!!  They all worked out really well and the students made one of each!!  An hour goes by very quickly!!  Unfortunately, I did not manage any sheets so I have none to show you.  I did manage to make up the remainder of the pulps and so have some botanical papers to show you.  I added yellow petals, herbal tea and some green grass to the ivory pulp and made up about six sheets (right).  I added onion skins to the kraft brown (brown paper bags) and made up several sheets (left).  I finally mixed the two batches and added some of the green cedar I had left over and made a few more sheets (middle).
So a few more sheets to add to my stash!!  I really like the ivory with the petals!!