Saturday, December 03, 2011

Green Gift Tags!!

They don't look obviously green do they?? They are green as in good for the Earth - rather than green in colour - because I created them to be reused!!!
I used quilting fabric with a variety of images on it, applied Heat and Bond to the back and cut them out to create the central elements for the tags. I used a heavy cotton fabric for the base of the tags and added a
backing of light fabric at the back of the top section that will show above the pocket. I added stitching on the top section to attach the fabrics to each other which also provided some texture. I had planned to do some free motion stitching but my first attempt with a new foot broke the needle so I will be going to the shop and getting a demonstration on how to use it before I try again. I have never used this kind of free motion foot before so it is possible that I had it installed incorrectly or am unaware of the finer points of its use.
I hemmed the top of the pocket, folded it up, pressed the fold and ironed on my central element leaving even margins. With everything in place I used a zig zag stitch all the way around which finished the edges and created the pocket at the same time. After trimming off the hairy bits I used cotton cording in a large eyed needle to create ties. Here is the reusable part - I created cardstock tags that fit in the pocket and can be replaced every year!!! So you can have beautiful tags on your gifts every year!! By adding a hanger instead of ties, these could easily be used as ornaments on your tree. With a bit of planning, they could also be used as gift card holders!! It is a bit of an investment of time but they will last for years!!
Do you consider green options when wrapping your gifts? Reusable fabric bags instead of paper ones? Gift certificates or coupons for services that can be packaged in reusable packaging like little metal boxes or handmade paper or fabric holders?
To keep your holiday dollars in your community consider buying local - gift certificates for hair cuts, lawn care, snow removal, craft or exercises classes, meals at locally owned restaurants, etc. Give locally made jams/baking or "meals" (the ingredients to a favorite dish) in a basket. These also require less "shopping" which will leave some time to enjoy hot chocolate and a movie with your family, visit shut ins or volunteer to help a neighbor with their tree decorating!!

I am happy to have my tags ready to go!! We will be having our exchange later this week!!