Sunday, November 22, 2015

Christmas and all occasion cards from kits

I had kits leftover from my last cardmaking session so I decided to make them up today.  I have a few occasions coming up where I need a gift or prize so I will be making up card packets with some of the cards I made up.  Above are some of the Christmas ones I made.  These feature decorative paper, a sponged border, a layered greeting and a layered watercoloured image (CLKER).  

These all occasion cards were also make up from card kits from the last cardmaking session.  These feature a couple of rectangles of decorative paper, a strip of cardstock cut on both long edges with decorative scissors and large layered colour printed greetings (SU).  

 The are also cards I made from kits.  Kits are wonderful for getting cards made quickly.  Everything is already cut and it is simply a matter of colouring your image is necessary and assembling the pieces as you wish.  As you can see there are a multitude of ways you can assemble the exact same pieces from a kit. These six cards were made with exactly the same elements - a strip of decorative paper, two strips of coordinating carstock, an image with a coordinating layer and a laser printed greeting with a layer.
 The little owl (CLKER) is colour printed and did not require colouring.  That really makes getting a card made much faster!!  The flowers, canoe scene and cat are also from CLKER.  The cupcake is from Beccy's Place and the little penguin is from Blackberry Jelly.
You can check out the cards I made at the session here.   
I am in the process of making card kits for this week's cardmaking session.  I will be including Christmas and all occasion cards so that the participants have a choice.  I made several extra Christmas to help boost my stash as it has been a while since I made some for myself.  I will have to check the box and see how more I need.