Monday, May 08, 2017

Paper pieced fabric postcard

On my fabric postcard group they issued a paper piecing challenge.  I had to research what paper piecing was to decide whether I would take the challenge.  I have to say that it was a bit intimidating to figure it all out.  Eventually, I found a pattern that I thought I could manage - a little tree.  I had to reduce the pattern to make it work on a postcard and the pieces ended up quite small so I just combined every second one to give 6 pieces in the tree and then the two side pieces.  It took some diligent following of the directions to get the first three correct. I did get one wrong and had to undo my seam and start again.  To expand the square design into a postcard I added a piece on each side.  I used copy paper to print my pattern and forgot to shorten my stitching for the first two so when it came to removing the paper it took a bit more effort to remove those two pieces.  I would not want to make a whole quilt with paper pieced blocks and it certainly would be handy to have the "add a quarter" ruler for any large project.  I am happy with my first try.  I dug all the pieces I needed from my scrap bin.  On hind sight, it would have been better to choose some more sedate pieces for the sides but I was having difficulty visualizing the end result but I think that process just gets easier the more you do it.  After adding all the pieces removed the paper and trimmed my postcard to 4" x 6", added batting and stitched along of my line using green thread on the tree and red on the side pieces.  Next, I cut a piece of white to 41/2" x 6 1/2", added fusible webbing to the edges then centered my postcard on the backer folding the overhang to the front and fusing it in place which effectively bound my project.  I added stitching in white on the side pieces to secure the backing to the remainder of the postcard.  I crocheted a single chain using some textured yarn and couched it onto the edge using the zig zag stitch on my sewing machine with green thread.  I like that look!!  To finish off my postcard I hand stitched some seed beads to the edge of my pieces on my tree.  That worked out well.  Therese