Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Fun cards featuring magnets and some fun greetings

I created these card kids for my Special Card class in May.  I found these magnet at a thrift store and thought they would make great card with a bit of a gift!!  It took a bit to come up with some sayings to go with all the magnets.  I printed the greetings onto white cardstock leaving enough room above for a ribbon and the magnet.  Once trimmed from the sheet I used a corner rounder on all the corners which coordinates very nicely with the magnets. I mounted the magnets with double sided tape so they can be easily removed.  I added the ribbon in between the greeting and the magnet and tied another small piece to it to simulate a bow.  This layer was mounted to a embossed layer and then to a coordinated card front.            Therese

Slow stitching - #3 is red in my rainbow set

Here is my third square of slow stitching.  The heart was actually two pieces so I stitched it down the middle as I was stitching it down to start and then I stitched around the outside edge.  I learned a new stitch - open chain stitch.  I have tried it before and was not able to understand how to execute it but with my new little book of stitches it was more clear.  I did fly stitch on the right  hand side of the blue strip though I made the center stitches quite short and they are less connected than in the book.  It is a work in progress!!!