Friday, August 30, 2019

Another anniversary card - ribbon, embossing and beautiful paper

Another card for a special couple who are celebrating their anniversary very soon!!
I started with a large pink envelope and made a green card to fit inside once I had chosen this beautiful paper!! I trimmed the decorative paper to leave a small margin all the way around and glued it to my card front. I added a coordinating blue ribbon and tied on a short length to simulate a bow.  I used a slot punch (SU) to cut a slim opening on the spine of my card in which to insert my ribbon - works so well.  I cut a rectangle of coordinating yellow cardstock, rounded the corners, embossed it and add my little laser printed greeting on the bottom section.  I die cut two gold scalloped hearts (SU) to back my two heart punchies (SU) and layered them to create my focal elements.  I added them to the embossed rectangle above the greeting.  To finish off my card I added three little blue heart punchies and them mounted this large element to my card front using 3D foam tape.          Therese

Saturday, August 24, 2019

August exchange card featuring one of my digital stamps, an embossed background and ribbon

My other card for my August monthly card exchange.  I started with a large purple envelope from my stash and created a yellow card to fit inside.  I embossed a piece of decorative paper and then ripped it in two as it was not quite long enough for my card!!  I drew this little flower image while watching a doodling video on You Tube.  I scanned the pages, cut out individual images and cleaned up those that needed it and then laser printed them on white cardstock.  FUN!!!!!!!  I watercoloured my trimmed image and added a green cardstock background to it.  I distressed the edges and added a piece of ribbon on the bottom edge tying off a short end to it using a single knot to simulate a bow!! I mounted my image to my card front using 3D foam tape.
It has been fun creating cards with my own images!!  Will be doing that again for sure!! Therese

Friday, August 23, 2019

August Exchange card featuring my digital image, decorative paper and some bling

Having caught up on my July card exchange cards I thought it only made sense to keep going and get my August ones made as well. 
I started with a large blue envelope from my stash and created a card to fit inside.  I added some brocade decorative paper and because it was a bit shy in length I cut it into two pieces and added a strip of coordinating grey cardstock on between.  I created this fun image of a trio of flowers while watching a doodling video on YouTube.  I scanned my pages, cut out a few images which I cleaned up a bit digitally and then laser printed on white cardstock.  I watercoloured my image and layered it with yellow cardstock.  The piece was a bit long so I used an eyelet border punch on the bottom edge and them used my score tool to emboss a strip between it and my image.  I added my focal element to my card using 3D foam tape and finished it off with three little clear rhinestones on the right hand side.             Therese

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Exchange card featuring my digital rose image, some embossed borders and raffia & ribbon

I am tardy with my July card exchange cards so I managed to get them done this week!!!!  I started this card using a large pink envelope from my stash and I created a white card to fit inside.  I had chosen this little rose image which is my art!  I created several pages of doodles a while back while watching a doodling video on YouTube.  I scanned them, saved a few as individual elements and did some digital clean on those that needed it before printing them on white cardstock!  Pretty cool to be using my own images on my cards!!  I decided to use this beautiful scrapbook paper but it was a bit short so I created embossed borders for the top and bottom using pink cardstock that coordinated.  I punched the decorative paper with a scalloped border punch (SU) and pierced each scallop with a push pin.  I glued the pink borders to my card front and then added the pink raffia before I adhered my decorative paper over the borders centering it nicely.  I watercoloured my laser printed image and then added it to a cardstock background that was a combination of three different greens. Adds a bit of interest and uses up scraps from my stash.  I added a strip of double sided tape to one edge and placed six little pieces of flagged ribbon into it.  This helped add some texture to my card.  Very happy with how it turned out!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Exchange card featuring my digital daisy image, a line of mosaic pieces and a bit of ribbon

I am late with my July card exchange cards and with a days break from summer activities I thought I would get some cardmaking done!!!  This card features a digital image of a daisy which I drew myself while I was doodling along with a doodling video on YouTube!!  I scanned the page of images I drew and isolated a few which I saved as individual images.  I did a bit of digital clean up on several of them and then laser printed them.  Pretty happy with how they worked out.  I will probably be doing that again so I can use some of my own images in my cardmaking!!  
I started with a large orange envelope from my stash and created a warm brown card to fit inside.  I layered it with this fun orange scrapbook paper.  It was not quite wide enough to for the card so I trimmed a piece from another scrap and because it was not quite long enough I used a pair of scissors and trimmed it into pieces and glued them into the gap between the other two pieces!!  I like the look of a sort of mosaic between the two.   I watercoloured my laser printed image which was trimmed from the large letter sized sheet I printed several on and then I layered it onto a green piece of coordinating cardstock.  I added a piece of double sided tape and placed six little pieces of ribbon into it to create a bit of texture on this card.  I really like how it turned out and will be using the concept of a line of mosaics on future cards!!      Therese

Monday, August 19, 2019

A thank you card featuring a reused layer, a punchie greeting and a bit of lace

For this card I reused this decorative layer featuring a multi layered floral focal element.  I added the little punchie greeting to the upper left and then added a green layer in behind my main decorative layer.  This layer had been trimmed a while back from a swap project.  I added a length of lace on the right hand side before gluing this large element to a coordinating pink card front.  This is a large card which was made to fit in a large green envelope from my stash.  I still felt like it needed a bit of something so I used my tracing wheel to add a row of pierced holes all the way around the green layer which finished it off nicely!!          Therese

Hand stitching in my trailer journal

 I have worked a little more on my Trailer journal while were camping with family a few weeks ago.  I added the words in the peach patch with back stitch in the car on the way up and also added some texture stitching to several of the small patches on the right the one rainy morning we had at the lake. 

 I am happy with the way things are going and I expect it will take a fairly long while to get it all done but there is not rush.  I have started journalling our camping trips and that was really the main reason I wanted to get it started so we could document where we had been and some of the details we want to remember about each outing.   Therese

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Thank you card featuring a panel from a used greeting card and a large greeting

I started with a large envelope and made an off white card to fit inside.  I found this cute panel in my stash of cards which were donated to me for cardmaking that had a perfectly coordinated little bird on it.  I created an orange layer that coordinated that fit on my card and then trimmed my decorative panel into two pieces to ensure that it covered the orange layer which left a bit of a gap where the orange shows through.  I dug through my greetings stash and found this one which echoed the strong black line in the image which I simply adhered to my card front using double sided tape.  The greeting had been created a while back using a set of alphabet dies and white cardstock.  It had been then been backed with black cardstock. 


Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thank you card featuring a reused pressed flower panel and a gold embossed greeting

For this card I started with this beautiful pressed flower panel which has very cleverly arranged pressed flowers to make them look like butterflies!!  The pressed flowers were originally protected by a clear acetate and because of that they are still in perfect condition.  The white panel was trimmed from it original card which was donated to me for cardmaking a while back and I simply adhered it to a dark blue card front which I created to fit in one of my large envelopes.  I trimmed a gold embossed greeting (SU) from my stash and layered it with brown before adhering it to my card front using 3D foam tape.  It is really nice to be able to reuse art which has so lovingly been created!!


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Quick and easy card featuring a reused card front

This card came together very easily as I simply trimmed this beautiful image from a card front and adhered it to a dark blue card.  This is a large card which fits in a one of  the large envelopes from my stash!!  Therese

Friday, August 02, 2019

Sympathy card featuring a calendar page with crocuses and a layered greeting

Another sympathy card for my Mom. For this one I started with a purple card front and trimmed the calendar page to leave the frame image of spring flowers.  I used the scraps to create a border with decorative edges which I cut with deckle decorative scissors.  I added a strip of yellow to join the two pieces, two lines of purple using a purple pen and added a little sponged greeting using 3D foam tape.  Went together fairly quickly once I had all the elements decided!  Therese

Thursday, August 01, 2019

Sympathy cards reusing original artwork

A couple more sympathy cards using original artwork/photos which were found in my stash of cards to be reused for cardmaking.  The first is one is a photo from a card that was sent to my Mom from someone from out east. Lovely photo of a daisy!!  The second is original art created by my aunt, Maria, which was our Christmas card from her a while back.  Both of these lent themselves to being sympathy cards so I simply trimmed them just a wee bit and adhered them to my coordinating card fronts.  I added a small sentiment to the one on the right but could not bring myself to do the same on the photo so it will go the way it is.