Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Art - grad card

This is a simple grad card idea I cased from Splitcoast Stampers!! I used an explosion insert for the card which I printed with inspiring words for the three neices and nephews we have graduating in our extended family this year. I also made one of these for my card exchange at with my cardmaking group as several of them have kids graduating this year!! It was a hit so I have been asked to send along instructions for the explosion insert. Here is a site that has good instructions.

That is the last I have ready for today!! There is more art to create so there is more on the way and will likely be up by end of next week!! Have a great weekend!!


My Art - cardmaking - skeleton leaf

This card features a wonderful skeleton leaf!! The handmade paper is some I made myself with recyclable paper and natural additions like leaves and weeds. I really like the texture and interest of this handmade paper!! It is layered onto brown cardstock. I stamped the greeting - round greeting set by StampinUP in light green ink, punched it out with a 1" punch and layered it onto a brown ribbon slide (Cuttle Bug). I layered my green 1/4" ribbon over top of an ivory cardstock strip that just fit into the ribbon slide - approximately 3/8". I cut a slit on the spine to accomodate the ribbon and glued it to the inside. Folded the other end over the front of the card and glued it to the inside. This is another one that would be very suitable for Father's Day in any colour your Dad really likes!!

It was fun to shift the focus and concentrate on male themes and colours.


My Art - cardmaking - tree

My best option for a Father's Day card was this one!! I used green glossy cardstock which I altered a little to suit my tastes before I stamped the tree in black StazOn. To alter the green glossy I used scrunched up plastic wrap as a stamp with my Creole Spice Kaleidacolour stamp pad. I just stamped all over the sheet and found that the edges were just a bit too hard so I squirted water all over it and stamped with the plastic wrap some more. This softened the colour and the edges. Perfect! I layered the tree on corrugated card with hot glue which ensured that the image was in good contact with the corrugations. I ran out of kraft colour so painted the white sheets with walnut ink and some brown colour washes. Worked out well!! The bow is paper twist! Who doesn't have some of that tucked in a box for a crafty day!! It was the right colour so I cut it to length and then about 1" wide. It is tied in the middle with cotton crochet thread in ivory. The button is tied to the paper twist with the same thread. This embellishment is hot glued below the tree image on the corrugated paper. This whole unit is glued to the green card front!! A greeting tag could be added to the button or the crochet thread tie.


My Art - cardmaking - birdie!

I love this little bird! There are quite a few on the market as of late. I really like this one because he is so open and you can mix and match the colouring to make it look like any bird or just any bird!! The edge of the bird image is distressed using scissors but the SU distressing tool makes light work of it and is less likely to give you a gash on your finger!! I added a small piece of ribbon to the corner which I stapled on! He is layered on a piece of gift wrap and then onto the card front.


My Art - Cardmaking - Buckle card

Got the inspiration for this card from Splitcoast Stampers. The paisley Cuttle Bug embossing folder I borrowed from my neighbor a while back. I have placed an order for some new CB embossing folders which are hard to find most anywhere and Pauline has them for me!! I will be picking up my order at Stamp Fest in July!!
I trimmed the embossed layer to the edge of the embossing and trimmed off 1.25". I glued the larger piece to the front of the card and trimmed the card front so it would be even all the way around. I glued the 1.25" to the back inside of the card! The folded buckle (1/2" or so) is glued between this little layer and the card. I was sure to stamp my greeting to the right so my buckle would tuck into my card front. I used the SU window punch to cut a hole in the card front to tuck the buckle into. If you don't have the punch you can punch two holes and cut out the space in between or just cut a slit. The flower is from a recently acquired SU set which I watercoloured to coordinate with the card.
These were supposed to be more male looking cards but I was having a really hard time finding any other image that would go with my paisleys!! It is not always inappropriate to have flowers on a guy card!!

My Art - Cardmaking - paint chip

Another successful cardmaking session last night!! So much fun to share that joy with others!!
Here I used large paint chips - Home Hardware, I think - and cut off the edges where there was writing and stamped images and greetings appropriate to the colour and theme of the chip. I punched little squares from the scraps to create some 3D embellishements which were just the right colour!! I mounted them with 3D foam tape to add dimension. The front panel goes beyond the front of the card and is even with the back so the card stands nicely! Another card created for the #8 envelopes.
It is great to use paint chips for colour inspiration in your card making! Often times there are colours used together that we would not even think of combining! So go along on the next trip to the hardware store and pick up a few paint chips to use as inspiration in your creative work!!


MM - Coasters

Love making these marble tile coasters!! I used some different stamps and created a bit of variety to add to my current inventory for Merchants Mill. I stamped with StazOn ink and embellished them with colour washes. Great as one of a kind for anyone's desk or mix and match to create a set for a house warming gift for anyone!!


MM - Mother's Day cards

The week before Mother's Day I had just enough time between naps (my grand daughter's) to make up a few cards for Mother's Day!! You will recognize the daisy tissue paper from a few post ago!! Love that paper!! I added a torn strip of cardstock and a tag!! Not sure how many sold on opening weekend but I will be able to refurbish these into ones for other occasions by cutting off the the tag and stamping on strip to simply adding another tag.
I need to be giving some thought to cards for Father's Day next! Just had my cardmaking session last night and featured male looking cards so maybe I can adapt one of those designs for Merchants Mill.


MM - Seed paper cards!

Merchants Mill is a unique gift shop in a little town near where I live. The owner has invited me to return again this year to sell my handmade items there. I have added these seed paper cards to my inventory this year!! The small handmade paper sheet contains wild flower seeds and will grow flowers if planted in soil and kept moist. You can truly send flowers by mail!! I have greeting/note cards, handmade paper, wire angels, photo holders, coasters, pins, papermaking kits and so on there. She has a wide variety of wonderful gift items as well as chocolates and ice cream so it is a great little place to visit for something unique for every occasion as well to treat yourself to a little something sweet!!


My Art - Wooden frame

My gift to this special friend!! I primed and painted white the wooden frame I bought at Michaels. I used Modge Podge to glue my papers down and hot glue to situate the ribbon where they overlap. "FRIENDS" letters are cut with my Sizzix Alpha Block dies and my Cuttlebug machine. I used a pointy glue stick to attach them to the front of the frame. I gave it a spray of clear acrylic before I put on the embellishment. The flower accent is multilayered with flowers I have in my collection of silks and held together with a large brad. I hot glued the large flower to the frame!!

Very happy with how this turned out and it made a fitting gift for my friend!!


My Art - accordion card

Here is the accordion card with all the tags! Each person from the group made a tag (I gave them the dimensions in advance) and they brought it along and placed it in the accordion card!! It looked so great and I am sure she will enjoy seeing it in her craft room!!
I used a piece of 18" cardstock and divided evenly into 8 sections so we could each have a little pocket for our tags. I colour printed the letters, punched them out, layered onto pink and then onto a white scallop shape. Once all glued together I attached them to the front of the card with a white eyelet set with my Crop a dile.
She has promised to come and visit once she has settled in. It is only 1.5 hours down the road so maybe we will even just pop in to see her!! We are blessed with angels in our lives!!


My Art - card for a friend who is moving

One of my cardmaking friends is moving!! It is a good move for her - closer to her guy, more crafting space and a different job to challenge her!! I made her a card that folds out like an accordion which she can put in her craft room to remind her of all the good times with the bunch here!! I tied it all together with a ribbon and used a small piece of mosaic glass and some aluminum duct tape to make a charm for it!! The card was long enough so we all could add a tag with our wishes for her as she moves ahead with her life!! Mine was a reminder to be still!! To always remember what is important in her life and to make time for it!!

My Art - cardmaking - dragonfly

This is one of my most recent SU sets! I like the long horizontal format and because all the elements are independant they can all be cut apart as well if you want to use them individually! Great when our stamps are versatile!! I used a small crafty sewing machine without the thread to make the stitching on the green layer. Very quick and easy. The image is watercoloured and then all the pieces are simply layered onto the card front. Some of the girls are preferring pencil crayons to watercolour lately. Consider trying something new for adding colour! Chalk is something I have not used in quite a while which also gives a look similar to watercolour. We have the supplies so we should rotate them and stretch our creative muscles by trying something new!!
I just took care of my grand daughter for over a week and I know that her Mom rotates her toys so she doesn't get bored with them. We should do the same with our art supplies!! Put away the old standbys and bring out the ones we bought last year and still have tried!! Go for it!!


My Art - cardmaking - swervy

A card with swerve!! I borrowed this Floral Fantasy Cuttle Bug embossing folder from a friend and really like the look!! I trimmed to the edge of the embossing and then drew a nice swervy line from top to bottom on the back. If you have trouble with swervy lines make yourself a template from cardboard to trace. You are going to use both pieces so you need one nice cut. I glued the left hand piece to the left hand side on the card front and then cut the front even with the edge of the embossed piece. You could try cutting it different for a unique look. The right hand side of the embossed piece is glued to the inside of the card so it shows at on the front. Punched three holes on the top of the swerve and tied in three ribbons!! Easily can be changed up for any occasion by changing the colours and the embossing! Would be great as a baby or wedding card. Dangle a round tag with a message or greeting!!


My Art - Cardmaking - Daisies

Ever find a piece of gorgeous paper you just have to have?? This daisy embossed tissue paper was one of those!! I just love the texture and the watercolour impression of it!! The paper featured a variety of loose rectangles with a daisy in each! For these cards, I just cut the rectangles with a wavy edge and glued them to the front of the card. I applied the glue to the card front so I would not lose any of the embossed texture on the paper. Just a little overall pressure keeps the tissue in contact with the cardstock long enough to be well attached without it getting too wet and losing its texture!

So I definitely recommend buying a piece of paper if it is screaming to have you take it home!! I know it is hard to actually cut it up later but everything has its time and eventually it is time to create with it and let it back out into the world to brighten someone's else's day!!


My Art - Cardmaking - Vellum

For this card I used colour vellum! I stamped a background stamp on the back with chalk ink and embossed an image on the front with metallic embossing powder. I really like how the vellum worked out!! To attach the vellum to the card front I punched some tabs using the SU Window punch and folded them over the edge of the card . They are attached with brads. I made some in yellow with candles and these blue ones with this flower stamp.

I would definitely recommend experimenting with vellum and stamping! Regular pigment ink will not dry so it has to been embossed but any of the hybrid inks or permanent inks work well. Helps you to create vellum that will exactly coordinate with your card design.

My Art - Cardmaking - blossom card

I worked on using the #8 envelopes for my April cardmaking session! Here I used decorative paper I made - just layers of colour wash until it looks good - which I stamped with brown using this SU blossom stamp! Love the collagy look of this one! Layered this onto brown then onto the pink card front. Embossed another piece of brown and layered it onto the inside of the card back. I used the corner rounder on all the right hand corners. A very simple and easy card where you can add a greeting if you wish!

My Art - handpainted silk card

It has been a long time since I posted!! I have been teaching, creating, sick and had my grand daugther here for two weeks!! I am still playing catch up so I have a LOT to post to my blog in the next little while. Thanks for checking in!

Here is the card I made for last month's card club exchange! We made some hand painted silk at one of our members home's last month and were challenged to make a card with it for the exchange. I stamped on the silk with brown Memories ink I used my circle cutter to cut a hole in the card front and then created a layer in brown that was just a little smaller. I used glue stick to attach my silk and stretched it nicely in the opening. I added a layer to the inside front to cover up the silk and make a neat finish.
Layered a SU scallop punchie in ivory, 1 1/8" punchie in brown, a rust flower punchie and combined them with an ivory eyelet which I set with my Cropadile. Punched the SU slot punch on the right hand side of the card and ran brown ribbon from the inside through to a slot on the spine. Added my embellishment and stamped Thank you in brown. The card front was stamped very lightly in caramel using my SU Harlequin background stamp.
Over all a wonderful effect and I was very happy with the results of this effort. I have a few more pieces of silk I will play with in my card making!!