Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Art - cardmaking - tree

My best option for a Father's Day card was this one!! I used green glossy cardstock which I altered a little to suit my tastes before I stamped the tree in black StazOn. To alter the green glossy I used scrunched up plastic wrap as a stamp with my Creole Spice Kaleidacolour stamp pad. I just stamped all over the sheet and found that the edges were just a bit too hard so I squirted water all over it and stamped with the plastic wrap some more. This softened the colour and the edges. Perfect! I layered the tree on corrugated card with hot glue which ensured that the image was in good contact with the corrugations. I ran out of kraft colour so painted the white sheets with walnut ink and some brown colour washes. Worked out well!! The bow is paper twist! Who doesn't have some of that tucked in a box for a crafty day!! It was the right colour so I cut it to length and then about 1" wide. It is tied in the middle with cotton crochet thread in ivory. The button is tied to the paper twist with the same thread. This embellishment is hot glued below the tree image on the corrugated paper. This whole unit is glued to the green card front!! A greeting tag could be added to the button or the crochet thread tie.


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