Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Art - summer puzzle piece

Just returned from a trip out west for a family reunion on my Mom's side and a visit with my daugther, son in law and grand daughter!! It was a good time all around. My granddaughter is just over two and talking miles a minute and always a going concern!! Fun!! Really nice to spend time with our kids!! The reunion was great and so nice to reconnect with extended family members!! Great to be out in the country and feel the breeze and see nothing but fields on the horizon!!

Worked on my Summer Puzzle piece for a mingle on my altered books group!! I glued 9 small pieces together to make the equivalent of an ATC size and then added papers to simulate sea and sky! Added double sided tape to the bottom and glued on some sand and a sea shell - picked on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico years ago!! Added a sequin sun and drew in some birds and sailboats!! A typical scene here on the Bay of Quinte in the summer!!

Great weather here so far!!