Thursday, August 25, 2011

Leaf shrink plastic charms!

Don't you just love Shrink plastic?? It is such a versatile product!! I am involved in a Charm swap on AFTCM and this month we have been challenged to use shrink plastic to create our charms.
I started with black shrink plastic because when it shrinks it just creates a bit of a shadow on your project instead of clear dimension which is hard to disguise when you use the clear shrink plastic.
I used my Big Shot and TH leaf die (SX) to cut my shrink plastic and then I sanded each leaf on both sides.
Usually, I sand before I cut but today I simply forgot but I am glad I did because you can see here that I created a great background image by photographing the "dust" after sanding!! You simply never know where you will find creative fodder, so stay vigilant as you craft for serendipitous art that will just present itself when you least expect it!!
Back to the charms! I trimmed the stems off because they are likely to break off once they shrink to half their size. I also punched a hole (1/8") at the top for the jump ring. I painted them with acrylic paints including some shimmery stuff to help them glitter and be beautiful. I painted one side of each of them, set them aside until dry and then painted the other side to create double sided charms. Once they were all dry I laid them on my heat proof surface (foil over corrugated cardboard), placed the sharp end of a skewer in the hole and heated them with my heat gun - voila!! Little leaf charms!! I did add some Pearl Ex and spray matt finish just to finish them off!!

I have a wonderful little collection of charms which will make a wonderful bracelet!!

These will be on there way to my partner later today!!