Friday, April 15, 2016

Die cut Thanks!

I have been busy with other activities and am just back to working on cards so I decided to play a little before getting to the projects I needed for this week.  These two cards used some decorative paper (saran wrap and watercolour) I had sitting in my paper stash which I used for the last two cards for my January cardmaking session.  I laid the two pieces on top of each other and cut them with a pair of wavy scissors and then glued them back together using regular tape on the back matching the blue with the yellow.  I cut the two pieces in two, again with the wavy scissors, and swapped pieces so I would have the same colours in opposite corners.  I trimmed the bottom edges and found these greetings in my stash which very neatly fit in between.  They were die cut with an alphabet die set in the white and then backed with black paper.  In this case, it would not have been necessary to back them in black but they were already all glued together so I used them as they were.  I punched flowers out of the decorative paper and added coloured rhinestones in their centers once the pieces were glued in place on the black layer.  I glued the black layers to my blue and yellow card fronts.  Thinking they needed just a bit of something I added dots and dashes along the wavy edges with a fine tip black Sharpie!  That was better!!  Another two cards for my stash and a little stash busting at the same time!!