Sunday, October 15, 2017

A beautiful leaf with coordinating papers and raffia

I will be seeing my sister in a few weeks and I decided to get a few cards made for her.  She came two years ago to spend some time and we made cards.  She decided to leave her supplies and I would continue to make cards for her.  I have made quite a few but no where near the amount that would use the supplies she left here.  So a few more for her!!
I started by gluing the decorative papers to the red card front - red gingham and red distressed.  I added a strip of red paper and overlaid a brown one overlapping where the papers met.  I watercoloured the leaf image and added some specks of paint by striking the wet paint brush on my finger.  I glued it to the green and then trimmed the bottom off long using decorative scissors.  I used a tracing wheel to add texture to the bottom area as well as the borders of the image.  Really like those subtle stitch like lines!!  I added a piece of yellow organza ribbon to the card front, added green raffia over that and then overlaid my focal element over it using 3D foam tape to adhere it.  Fun to be making large cards again!!!!