Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Anniversary card with love birds

A card for my DH for our anniversary!!  The bird cage image was downloaded off of The Graphic Fairy.  I modified it a while back and added my own digital love birds.  For this card, the combined images were printed on white cardstock and watercoloured. I added some Vintage Linen distress ink to the frame before I stitched it to the vintage image.  I embellished the laser printed greeting with watercolour, punched a hole on one end and flagged the other.  I tied a string into the hole and wrapped the long end around this focal element several times and tied the ends near the tag.  I attached the whole element to my blue green card front using double sided tape.  The greeting needed a bit of something so I added a little heart rhinestone which I coloured with a sharpie to be a coordinating colour.


Fabric Journal - part two


Here are the back and front of the finished fabric journal. I love the amount of texture it has and how colourful it is!!
I added a long quiltie to which I had sewed an elastic band as part of my closure.  I found a large white button in my collection and decided it would be just what I needed to finish off the closure on this journal.

Here are some close ups of my embellishments - charms and beads!!


Here are photos of the inside and back covers!!

The fabric cover holds a composition book which can be replaced once it is full.   The flaps provide a place to store notes or even a writing implement depending on what the journal is being used for.

I am happy with how it worked out.  I have enough little quilts made to make another one.  I did find someone on line that had made cuffs from some of hers so I may give that a try.  There are certainly lots of people making bags from them as well so I will consider that some time in the future!!

I have really enjoyed making the little quilts.  I have been stitching them in the car on our road trips.  I just prep a few pieces (two pieces of fabric pinned together with batting in between) before the trip and bring along a needle, some thread, a small set of scissors and some pins in a bag and I am ready to go.  It passes the time and miles very pleasantly!!
Without even trying hard I have collected a bit of a fabric stash - just little pieces that are left over from sewing projects, scraps from other quilters in the family and a few quilt scrap bags from thrift/fabric stores.
I am certainly enjoying the creative possibilities of these little hand stitched quilts and look forward to doing even more creative projects with them.