Friday, April 03, 2020

Stained glass art in support of essential workers

 Wanting art that was a bit more interactive and would really work with the sun in the front window I decided to see if I could make some stained glass art.  After a bit of research I found a few places with tutorials on how to make stained glass art with tissue paper and wax crayons.  The wax crayon ones reminded me of the melting wax technique I have done in the past for decorative paper.  I decided to use bond paper instead of cardstock which I have used in the past which would make the art more transparent.

To really simulate stained glass I decided to add some lines using a large permanent marker.  I just made a pattern of lines.  I plugged my griddle in and set it on low, added a layer of foil and then laid my sheet decorated bond paper over it.  To decorate the sheet I simply coloured in the pieces using wax crayons which melt immediately when they are in contact with the warm surface below.  It is totally fun!!!!!
As you can see from the stained glass sheet on the right the wax dissolved to some degree the permanent marker in the lines and ran into the spaces.  I just went with it and kept filling in the spaces until I was done.  I think it looks pretty interesting and the running of the colour gives it a bit of an antique  feeling.  To remove it, I simply lifted a corner and placed it on newspaper until it solidified which only takes a few minutes.
I made up these four though it was a conscious decision to not spend all day at it which I could easily have done!!!!!!  We did not need that many pieces of art.  I made the second heart with a thicker outline and only put blue all the way around which really helped to make the heart stand out.

To display them I simply taped them to the front window.  Two each on the side panels where they really look great.  They will be wonderful when the sun shines through.

I encourage you to make art to display in your windows in support of those who are putting themselves in harm's way to keep us safe.

Get the kids involved and make it an art day!!  With very little prompting the kids will come up with art that is meaningful in every way once they know what the cause is!!                Therese

Serendipity hearts in support of essential workers

Having seen other art in the neighbourhood I was encouraged to follow my inclination and make some art as well.  
I decided to make up a large sheet (11"x17") of red and gold serendipity collage.  It took several hours to get it made and overnight for it to dry completely.  So this morning I made a heart template from an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper and cut two hearts from my sheet.  I laid them back to back and added a thread hanger and hung it in the front window above the blind.  That is where the snowflake goes at Christmas and the hook remains there all year round.  Perfect place for this little bit of art to support our essential workers and let everyone know that we are all in this together.