Friday, September 11, 2015

OSW template - 3 cards using a 6"x 6" piece of decorative paper

 I have been playing with One Sheet Wonders in a effort to have a template I like for preparing kits for a cardmaking session I am teaching later this month.  Here is the latest one I have been working on.  With this template you can create three different cards using a 6" x 6" piece of decorative paper and three sheets of cardstock - one neutral and two different colours that coordinate with the decorative paper.
I printed my images (Digital Two for Tuesday) and my greetings onto my white cardstock before I cut it apart to create my cards.  I cut off the bottom to create one card front and then trimmed my images (2.25" x 3.5") and finally punched out my greetings using an oval punch (SU).  I trimmed my decorative paper into three strips of 2" x 6". Then I cut the other two sheets of cardstock in half ( one green, one deep purple) and used one of each to create my other two card fronts.
For my first card, I watercoloured the lily image and cut a layer for it from the other half sheet of green cardstock.  I punched a scalloped oval (SU) from the middle of it to layer under my greeting before gluing them to each other.  I watercoloured my greeting and glued it to my scalloped oval.  I glued my strip (2" x 5.5") of decorative paper near the left hand side of the purple card, added a strip of white cardstock which I cut from the white scraps, trimmed with decorative scissors and then pierced with a push pin to the right of my decorative paper strip.  I added my layered image overlapping the decorative edge and glued it into place.  I glued my layered punchie greeting below it.
The card went to the family of a neighbour who passed away last week.

For my second card I trimmed my 2" x 6" strip in half crosswise which gave me two identical pieces (2" x 3").  I glued one to the lower left hand corner and the other to the top right corner of my green card front.  I watercoloured my image and cut a layer for it from the other half sheet of purple cardstock.  Again, I punched a scalloped oval from the center of it before I glued my image to it.  I watercoloured my greeting and layered onto the purple oval.  I glued my layered image offset enough to the left to allow enough room for my layered greeting on the right hand side.

For my third card, I watercoloured my image and greeting and layered them as I had the previous one using purple cardstock scraps.  I positioned my decorative paper allowing enough room to add two strips of green cardstock which I cut from scraps.  I trimmed both of them using decorative scissors and glued them above and below my strip of decorative paper (2" x 5.5").  I added dots in the scallops using a white gel pen. I glued my layered image to the left hand side and added the layered greeting on the right centered on the lower strip of green.
Very happy with how these all turned out!!  I have more sketches floating around in my brain for this OSW template.

I have provided the cutting template for the decorative paper, the three card sketches, a supply list and some basic instructions.

This One Sheet Wonder template only uses one 6" x 6" piece of decorative paper and three sheets of cardstock to create 3 handmade cards!!   You can easily buy just what you need at your local scrap booking store and have your three cards made in a couple of hours.  If you have a stash of paper and cardstock,  you can shop at home!!

Good luck with creating some cards with this template and I welcome you to leave me a comment with a link to your creations!!