Monday, May 29, 2017

Another sympathy card from component cut from another card

Another sympathy card for my stash!!  For this one I cut two butterfly elements from a donated card and taped them together to create one element.  I added a length of white ribbon over where they join and layered it onto a purple cardstock layer.  Each piece had a butterfly sticking out of the main body of the element so I worked that into the design.  I layered the butterfly element onto a white card front which I manually embossed on the top and right hand side before adhering the large focal element to it on the lower left hand side.  I tied a short length of ribbon to the length on the butterfly element with one knot to simulate a knot.  I left it loosely tied to reduce the bulk of the knot.  I very lightly sponged a small laser printed punchie greeting (SU- Word Window Punch) and mounted it to the card front trying not to hide any of the flowers and butterflies.  Really like how this one came together and how it worked out!!


Hand made card for a retiring nurse

I had a request for a card for a nurse who is retiring after a long and significant nursing career.  I chose the nurse digital image from Dearie Dolls and printed it on white cardstock.  I watercoloured the image in pinks and greens to coordinate with the cool dotted decorative paper.  I added the decorative paper to a turquoise card front and added blue seam binding on the left hand side.  I layered the image to pink and then to bright green cardstock to coordinate with the decorative paper.  I added the layered image over the ribbon and then layered on the green greeting strip near the bottom. I added a pink cardstock strip and then layered on the laser printed greeting with flagged ends.  To finish off the card I tied a short end of the seam binding to the length on the front of the card with one knot to simulate a bow.  This is a large card which I created to fit in a large envelope I had on hand.


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Friendship card made up from a card kit

I have a few card kits from my last class sitting on my desk and thought I should get those made up before the class next week.  I started with a green card front and layered on a stitched background which I created with strips of handmade paper in yellow and purple.  The cute little butterfly and the friendship greeting (digital) are from Melonheadz and were laser printed on vellum.  I watercoloured it on the back using the least amount of water possible to cause the least warping possible.  Once it was dry, I adhered the two decorative punchie pieces to the vellum and then adhered this element to my card front using double sided tape.
Friends are important in our lives and sometimes we should just bless them with something special "just because"!!


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sympathy card with a reused card front

I am needing a few more cards so I got creative today and made this sympathy card.  I trimmed the main image from a donated card front and layered it onto a cream cardstock.  I layered this element onto a dark gray card front and added a simple laser printed greeting with a flagged end.
This one was quick and easy!!


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Inky fun with a couple of colour printer cartridges

 We recently acquired a colour inkjet printer which required some intervention before it would print all the colours successfully so in the process of that repair there were two printer cartridges that were empty and ready to be put in the garbage.  Knowing that others have scavenged ink from markers I thought I would have a go with scavenging the ink leftover in the two cartridges - a yellow and a magenta.  You can see above that I have managed to bend back the top of the cartridge enough to access the inside (using a hack saw and a some pliers) and remove the sponges which were holding the remaining ink.   I simply added some water and the ink dissolved into it.  I filled two bottles with the ink I retrieved - a small one and a spray bottle.  I did the same with the magenta cartridge and got two bottles from that as well.  

Here are the papers I created in the process of removing the ink from the sponges.  I made several backgrounds on glossy photo paper (10) and the rest was applied to regular bond paper in a variety of patterns. So I have a LOT of backgrounds to use for my creative projects and 4 bottles of ink that I can use for making quite a few more.  It was a bit of a messy job and I should have wore gloves because my hand look like they have been "altered".  I expect it will wear off in a couple of days.   I am pretty happy with my little experiment and look forward to making up some cards with my glossy photo backgrounds.  

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Exchange cards with hand decorated paper

For my exchange cards this month I made some decorative paper by layering several techniques. 

 I started with two pieces of paste paper which I made quite a while ago - one green and the other pink.  I started with a colour wash in a similar colour on both.  Next, I applied a script stamp in a darker colour.  If you check out the green image you can see that the green one was an asian character stamp.  Next, I did all over stamping with a background stamp with clear embossing ink and embossed them.  I used pearly embossing powder and a four petal stamp on the green one. You can see one of the motifs in the scan - it is lighter than the rest.  On the pink one I used a checker board stamp and clear embossing powder which very nicely preserved the pink colour of the original and allowed the texture of the paste paper to show through.  I followed that with a much darker colour wash which provided more contrast with the embossed areas which resisted the colour.  After that was dry, I added metallic acrylic paint with a spongy stamp I had on my desk and added little triangles in between to get better coverage.  I used gold on the green one and silver on the blue/pink one.  
I was not sure exactly how I was going to use them for my cards so I went to Splitcoast Stampers for a bit of inspiration.  I found several cards that I liked that used colourful circles to decorate their backgrounds so I punched as many circles as I could from each piece in four different sizes - 1.75", 1.25", .75" and .50".   I cut two pieces of shimmer cardstock  I created a while back and played with my circles until I was happy with the layout then glued them all down.  I adhered the backgrounds to coordinating card fronts before adding greetings and some embellishments.  I used a green colour printed greeting on the green card and embossed a wooden star with gold embossing powder to use as an embellishment.  The stars have been in my stash for a long time!!  For the pink/blue one I created a hot glue embellishment.  Have not made these in quite a long time.  I started with a little pool of hot glue on a piece of cardstock, poured silver embossing powder over it, shook off the extra and heated it with my heat gun.  Once it was all melted I gently placed a little flower stamp inked with embossing ink into it and let it cool.  Once cool the stamp simply lifts off revealing the embossed surface.  This technique is reminiscent of wax seals on letters in the old days.  I peeled off the paper backing and used hot glue to adhere it over my laser printed greeting on my card front. I added a bit of silver glitter glue to the center of the flower to jazz it up a bit.  
I am happy with these cards but I believe that my inspiration cards were more effective so I will have to go back and have another look and see if there is something about the design that I failed to consider in the creation of these cards.  
My cards are on their way to my swap partners as we speak!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Purple and gold for a get well card

I worked on a few get well cards and this one was my last one for now.  I started with the laser printed decorative paper which I ripped in two, trimmed to fit above and below the embossed border that I added to my purple layer and then glued into place.  I added a length of vintage seam binding gluing the ends to the back of the layer before adhering this large element to the front of a gold card.  I punched a purple scallop circle (SU) and added a round greeting punchie (DesertDiva) which I had watercoloured to coordinate.  I pierced each scallop to add a bit of texture before I adhered it to my card front using 3D foam tape.  I tied a short length of seam binding to the one on the front of my card with a single knot to simulate a bow.  I love this colour combination!!  Bright and cheery!


Red and orange with a round Get well greeting

I made another get well card for my stash.   I started with a scrap of decorative paper I had on my desk which featured oranges and reds.  Check out the cards I made with the other piece of this rainbow paper.   I found an embossing folder that coordinated nicely and embossed the top portion of a orangy rust card and adhered my decorative paper to the bottom portion.  I layered a laser printed round greeting (CLKER) with a watercoloured border onto a red scalloped circle and added a yellow silk flower, a yellow sequin and attached them all together using a tiny gold.  I pierced each scallop to add a bit of texture to this focal element.  It needed a bit of something to finish it off so I die cut this swirl and glued the ends to the back of my focal element before adding it to my card front.
I really like the colours and it makes a very nice bright get well card.


Tuesday, May 09, 2017

A beautiful butterfly get well card

I needed a few get well cards for my stash so I made a few.  This one features a beautiful butterfly (CLKER) which I laser printed and watercoloured to coordinate with the decorative paper.  The decorative paper was cut twice like these cards from my last class, layered onto brown cardstock and then onto a blue card front.  I added some faux stitching around the butterfly image and adhered it to the front of the card using double sided tape.  I colour washed a laser printed punchie (SU) greeting and adhered it below the focal element using double sided tape as well.
I had most of these supplies very close at hand so it was a relatively quick card to create!!


Monday, May 08, 2017

Paper pieced fabric postcard

On my fabric postcard group they issued a paper piecing challenge.  I had to research what paper piecing was to decide whether I would take the challenge.  I have to say that it was a bit intimidating to figure it all out.  Eventually, I found a pattern that I thought I could manage - a little tree.  I had to reduce the pattern to make it work on a postcard and the pieces ended up quite small so I just combined every second one to give 6 pieces in the tree and then the two side pieces.  It took some diligent following of the directions to get the first three correct. I did get one wrong and had to undo my seam and start again.  To expand the square design into a postcard I added a piece on each side.  I used copy paper to print my pattern and forgot to shorten my stitching for the first two so when it came to removing the paper it took a bit more effort to remove those two pieces.  I would not want to make a whole quilt with paper pieced blocks and it certainly would be handy to have the "add a quarter" ruler for any large project.  I am happy with my first try.  I dug all the pieces I needed from my scrap bin.  On hind sight, it would have been better to choose some more sedate pieces for the sides but I was having difficulty visualizing the end result but I think that process just gets easier the more you do it.  After adding all the pieces removed the paper and trimmed my postcard to 4" x 6", added batting and stitched along of my line using green thread on the tree and red on the side pieces.  Next, I cut a piece of white to 41/2" x 6 1/2", added fusible webbing to the edges then centered my postcard on the backer folding the overhang to the front and fusing it in place which effectively bound my project.  I added stitching in white on the side pieces to secure the backing to the remainder of the postcard.  I crocheted a single chain using some textured yarn and couched it onto the edge using the zig zag stitch on my sewing machine with green thread.  I like that look!!  To finish off my postcard I hand stitched some seed beads to the edge of my pieces on my tree.  That worked out well.  Therese

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Layered scallop circles with a round birthday greeting

A birthday card for my stash that features layered scalloped circles (Nestibilities) along with a couple circle punchies including one with a round greeting.
I layered a green scalloped circle below the gray one and then added an embossed circle punchie then the round greeting punchie (The Spruce) and finally added a blue silk flower, a yellow flower sequin and attached them all together using a tiny gold brad.
For the background I started with a colour printed gray background with soft dots on it and added some doodling and a faux stitching border with a yellow marker to echo the little yellow sequin I used on the focal element.  I added a colour coordinated ribbon across the middle gluing both ends to the back of the layer before adhering this large element to the front of a purple card.


Friday, May 05, 2017

A cute owl card created with a doodle art sticker

Another card I created with doodle art stickers from my colouring books!!  You can check out the others here and here.
I adhered this one to a white base before colouring with pan watercolours.  I really like the look of this one and I expect it is because the colours are brighter.  I added a green layer to this focal element before I adhered it over the blue ribbon I added to my card front.  I had glued the rainbow decorative paper to the front of a deep yellow card to create my card base.  I love the blue and yellow together with the warm colours in the art and the decorative paper.  I added a yellow laser printed greeting which I colour washed in blue and adhered below the cute little owl with 3D foam tape. For a little bling I added glitter with a clear stardust gel pen to the little round flowers in the background, around the eyes and on the flowers and hearts on the body.  For a bit more I added clear rhinestones to the two largest flowers and also on my flagged greeting which I coloured with yellow marker to have them coordinate with the colour scheme of the card.  Really happy with how this one worked out and it is on its way to a special little girl with a birthday next week!!               Therese

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Christmas cards with handmade paper trees & sequins

I am behind on getting Christmas cards done monthly this year.  These are technically my March cards!!
I started with some handmade paper triangles which I created a long while back when I was regularly making handmade paper.  I created them on a spare screen sitting on my mould and used a baster to add the paper pulp which allowed me to include a lot of texture.  I chose to let them dry naturally which preserved all the details I had created instead of couching them.  They were needing a bit of touch up in colour so I colourwashed them with green acrylic paint and I dried them with my heat gun.  Worked very well!!
I added a garland using various fibers and stitching and used sequins to simulate ornaments.  They are all different but I generally used the same sketch which worked well with the size of the "tree".
For this one I used red rick rack which I positioned with glue dots and a few dots of white glue in strategic locations.  I added large gold sequins using glue dots and overlapped them over the rick rack garlans.  I adhered the tree to the background paper and added the gold star brad.  I adhered this large element to a red card front and added a laser printed layered punchie greeting on the top right hand corner.

For the one on the left I added white fiber for the garland gluing the ends to the back.  I added iridescent white sequins with glue dots.  I glued my tree to a white shimmery embossed background then added a white snowflake brad at the top.  I tucked a laser printed greeting just behind the tree and embellished a clear iridescent sequin which I applied with a partial glue dot.  This large element was mounted to a deep plum card front.
For this one I used shiny thread and some copper blending filament in my sewing machine.  I cut a length of each and wound them onto an empty spool so I could feed them into my needle at the same time.  It worked well though I was going very slow because I was incorporating the sequins as I went.  I started at the lower right hand of the tree and started my stitching.  Next, I positioned a sequin and manually adjusted the machine to stitch just before the sequin, in the middle of the sequin and just past the sequin. I continued to stitch in a zig zag pattern up the tree adding sequins (large blue, gold and copper) in the same manner.  I returned to the bottom in the same manner but did not add any sequins on the way down.  I really like the look of the blending filament and the shiny thread!!  I glued the tree to my decorative paper and added a gold brad at the top.  This one was coloured with a gold paint marker to coordinate.  I added a laser printed layered punchie greeting to finish off my layer and glued this large element to a rust card.

For this one, I stitched a garland with white shiny thread using a long zig zag stitch.  The tension was off a bit with the top thread being a bit tight so the zigzag is not as apparent as I was expecting.  I added four small fiber snowflakes using iridescent glitter glue then added dots along the garland as well.  While they were drying I layered my decorative paper over a snowflake punched border and glued this layer to a dark green card front.  I glued my tree to the decorative paper and added an iridescent snowflake charm to the top of the tree using a glue dot.  I added a simple laser printed punchie greeting to the top left.  It still needed a bit of something so I added a dot of  iridescent glitter glue to the centers of each snowflake in the border and I like that much better.

For this one, I added a garland using silver cording gluing the ends to the back.   I added tiny silver and blue sequins using partial glue dots in a bit of a random pattern.  I glued the tree to my soft blue floral background then added a silver star sequin using a silver brad.  I glued this large element to a blue card front.  I layered a laser printed oval greeting which I had sponged with a bit of green ink over a scalloped oval of blue cardstock.

It was great to use up these little trees and get some Christmas cards made!!  I have a few more ideas so hopefully this month I will get caught up.


Doodle sticker on an embossed background with ribbon flags

Another card using a sticker from my doodle coloring books!!  This one is from the Butterfly Garden book.  I coloured it with watercolour pencils and then applied water over them with a round brush.  It is a different look than applying colour with a brush.  It is certainly easier to fill in the small spaces with a pencil crayon.  I applied this sticker to white cardstock so the border disappears significantly which works out alright.  I manually embossed the background after applying the sticker.  That was not the plan but when I gently laid it on the surface to mark off the borders I was not able to remove it so I just went with it.  I sponged the outer edge with a bit of warm blue ink and then machine stitched on some ribbon flags with white thread on the right hand side.  I like the polka dot ribbons!!  I added a layered punchie greeting just below the butterfly.  Thinking it needed a bit of something, I added little rhinestones to some of the dots on the butterfly and also a little red heart rhinestone to the body.  Adds dimension along with the ribbon.    Therese

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Cards with a variety of greetings for a gift

 I created these cards as part of a gift for a young Mom who, in the last couple of week, had her second baby.
I have been wanting to develop a system for using #8 envelopes as they are more universally available and means that the cards can more easily be reused.  They are also less expensive which reduces the overall cost of the cards.  I worked out a plan that uses one letter sized piece of cardstock to create two reusable cards.  I cut two cards - 3 3/8" x 11" and score them at 6.25".  I am using the leftover scrap to add 1.5" to the back sides to complete the cards and applying a label with the instructions on how to reuse the cards which also provides stability for the added piece.  I have printed the instructions on a white label and am adding a coordinating colourwash to it before applying it to the back of the card.  I am using a single panel insert lightly glued to the back inside of the card which can easily be replaced when reusing the card.  The instruction follow the card and therefore makes reusing it more than once possible.

I created this very simple sketch and used a variety of papers that would be appropriate for baby thank yous as well as other occasions.  I provided two greetings for each card to make them flexible - a thank you and another for other occasions like birthdays, get well, etc.
So once I had created my card bases by cutting the cardstock in two, adding the 1.5" piece on the backs along with the labels I added a full piece of decorative paper on the fronts.  I added a strip of coordinating cardstock across the top portion and then added a coordinating scalloped circle (Nestibilities) over that using 3D foam tape.  I included but did not glue on the 1.75" round punched greetings so that she can use which ever one is most useful for her.  I did add double sided tape to the backs of all of the greetings so that applying the greetings would not require any tools or supplies.  I am hoping that these will provide some convenience for this young mom of two small children over the next few months.
I am happy with my design so far and will continue to experiment with sketches to see how well I can design for this format.  So far, so good!