Saturday, March 28, 2020

Slow Stitching - Tree #11

I have finished my eleventh square!! I have added running stitch in horizontal lines and some in a chevron pattern in three different colours.  I am liking this pattern of stitching.  I added my stab stitch star which is working reasonably well.

I have decided to change the scope of this project as I have discovered more and more that the blue precut squares I chose for the backgrounds of these trees are not of a consistent size which will make assembling them into a column for a quilt difficult.  I have been pondering this issue for several days now.  I decided today that I will be stitching these squares to larger squares which I will cut to 6" in a variety of colours which means that I have already stitched enough little trees to make up the column I need for a quilt.  So I dug into my stash and found some squares which are cut larger than 6" which I will use as backgrounds for these squares.  I will be stitching these little squares to them and then they will be assembled into a column for a quilt.  I am not sure how much stitching yet but for sure a row all the way around to secure it to the background.  I am inclined to add a bit more but I am not sure exactly what manner that will be.  Will invent it when I get there!  I feel good about this new direction.  It will make the squares more interesting as the little trees will be framed with colour.  I will be getting started tomorrow! Looking forward to it!!            Therese

Birthday card featuring a puffin, an hand embossed layer and a tiny greeting

For this card I started with this puffin image from CLKER which I laser printed onto white cardstock and trimmed to size.  I watercoloured it, mounted it to a hand embossed orange layer inserting a tiny laser printed font greeting in between before pressing everything down.  I left some an extra border of orange on the right hand side and the bottom which nicely highlights the puffin's beak and feet!!  I adhered this large layered element to a black card front and thinking it still needed something I added dots and dashes around the edges of the image.  That was much better!!


Slow Stitching - Tree #10

With a bit more time on my hands because were are choosing to stay home to avoid contact with Covid 19 and all of our outside activities and commitments have been cancelled I have spent more time stitching on my little trees than the bit of time I usually commit to in the morning.  So I have finished another one!!  This is my tenth one!!  I did blanket stitch around the edge of this one in light green crochet thread and couched a heavyweight red thread with orange floss over all.  I really enjoyed the  ability to shape the red thread any way I wanted so I will be doing this technique again!!  I added french knots in blue afterwards to punch up the colour a bit and add some interest and texture. I add the star in yellow using small stab stitches.   Therese