Friday, October 17, 2014

4x4 art card!

For a swap on one of my groups I needed an alcohol ink background so I played a bit and ended up with a few.  I created these cards as well as these while I was playing.
I decided to doodle some funky flowers for my 4x4 art card.  I love the bright colours of this background and thought the funky flowers would show it off nicely.  I started by tracing the shape of the button on the background and doodled my flowers from there using fine tipped Sharpies in several different colours. I used black to create the stems and the border as well as a couple of layers on my flowers.  The buttons are colour printed and punched out - I like the way they look so real!!  I punched the holes out, sewed in some coordinating thread and used half inch glue dots to attach them to the center of my flowers!!  I am loving the contrast between my plain paper buttons and the bright glossy background.  If you are interested in making some 4x4 art cards I would recommend checking out Joggles art card video!! This one will be on its way to my partner in the next couple of days!!


Doodled alcohol ink backgrounds on cards

The card on the right was left partially assembled on my work surface after making these Bokeh cards.  I found it as I was trying to find enough space to create today so I finished it off!!  I layered a stamped butterfly punchie (SU) over a white one and tied them together with silver cord to create my focal element.  It works out well that the ends of the cord creates antenna for the butterfly.  I added a dotted trail below the butterfly using coloured fine tip Sharpies, trimmed and sponged my greeting and adhered it in place over the trail using 3D foam tape.  Another card for my stash.  
I do love those alcohol ink backgrounds!!  
The card on the left I will be using for my card exchange and features another alcohol ink background onto which I doodled with gel pens - several colours of blue and both a thick and fine nibbed white one.  I created some flowers and added an uneven doodled border.  I added a white punched border that features dots and flowers which I backed with some blue metallic paper trimmed to the edge of the border.  I layered this element to a dark blue purple card front and added an embellished colour printed greeting punchie (SU).  

Cards with alcohol ink backgrounds!

I am working on a swap that needs an alcohol ink background so I thought I would play around a bit and see what I could come up with.  While I was playing I came up with what I needed for my swap and made a few other cards as well.  Above on the left, a Christmas card.  I created the background by using my busted baster to create circles in green and red on the light red alcohol background.  I also added some thinner red lines using several size of lids which I have been saving out of the recycle bin.    I stamped my greeting in green and to give it a bit of punch I decided to add a bit of a bokeh effect by adding white pigment ink from my Brilliance Moonlight stamp pad sponged through several different sizes of circle stencil.  I stitched it to a red layer.  It has four embossed ornaments on the left hand side which I had to do by hand (hammer on a sturdy surface) because the orientation is wrong to get the whole thing to run through my Big Kick.  I added an embossed line around the rest of the main element using my scoring tool (MS).  
This adds one to my current count of 82 giving me 83 Christmas cards ready for this holiday season!!  
On the right, I added some thin red circles (lids), some solid circles (foam stamp) in red and yellow  and a bit of bokeh (Brilliance Moonlight ink) to this alcohol ink background.  I inked the leaf stamp using yellow, red and green ink and stamped it onto the 4x4 background.  I reinked it four more times and stamped it around the first image.  I added two orange strips which were embossed with a wood grain embossing folder and sponged with brown ink.  I added a colour printed greeting layered onto dark brown over several lengths of unraveled hemp cord.  
Really happy with these cards!!  I believe that the leaf stamp had never been inked before!!  I will be using the leaf one for my card exchange!