Monday, March 28, 2016

Paper Beads that can be customized

I have been wanting some slim beads for adding to my projects so I decided to make some paper ones that would fit the bill.  As I was prepping for this project I had white 24 lb paper scraps sitting around from another project that my grand daughter was working on so I decided that it might be best to use those scraps to create the beads which would allow me embellish them later to coordinate with my projects!  I used a piece of wire to wrap my beads around so that the hole would be a good size and I used short pieces of paper (2" x 3/4")  to make the beads not too bulky.  I just applied a layer of glue to one side of the paper leaving some space at one end to start the bead wrapping.  I made sure that the far end was well glued down to the rest of the bead as I finished it off.  I am happy with these!!  I will be able to embellish them with paint, markers or decorative paper depending on what works for my project.  I will likely give them a final coat of clear sealer before I use them.
I Love Paper Beads has a few paper bead making resources so you can check them out if you have never made paper beads before.
Will let you know where these end up as time goes on!!