Saturday, October 10, 2009

My art - calendar cover

How many days before the new year?? I decided to buy myself a new calendar for my purse because I am finding I use it often and it has helped me stay organized and prevents double booking myself with activities. I bought an inexpensive calendar that had the "guts" I wanted and created a new cover for it tonight!! Consider just altering the current cover if it is heavy enough.
I watercoloured a piece of cardstock, stamped my angel in the light brown and then just the border in the dark brown a little offset. Added the rosette in dark brown all the way around the edges and on the back. Now I have a cool designer calendar that will look great all year and make me happy every time I take it out and use it!!
Add your artistic touch to things that you use in your life. It will give you a unique one of a kind look and make you happy!!
These calendars make great gifts as well for girl friends, co workers and those people who have everything. Customize them for each person.
Make a few extra for sale at your local bazaar/craft sale or to donate to a fundraiser for your favorite charity!! It is the season!!