Sunday, November 25, 2018

Christmas cards - laser printed images and a bit of sponging

I printed these images a while back and they have been sitting in my stash.  They would not work for my original plan of sponging a narrow band from top to bottom and so now I had to invent a way to use them.  I decided to just layer them onto cardstock because they worked best that way.   Though I did add several layers of sponging to the nativity one and that worked very well.  I used a torn piece of paper as a mask to add some texture.  I started by sponging the yellow incorporating the star and the stable and then sponged the blues and violets around that.  All the images are from KISSPNG and I added font greetings.  They are much more CAS than I usually do but I do like all the designs so maybe at some point I will revisit the concept of the sponging of a narrow band of colour over an image and greeting.  Therese