Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Charms ready to go!!

I have managed to embellish some of my polymer clay charms by adding jump rings and some sort of little embellishment from my metals drawer and for some, bling as well. Most of the embellishments I added to the jump ring so that they would stay loose and interactive. For a few I added them using large glue dots. Seems to work very well. I was not able to pull them back off so I am expecting they are there to stay.
To the beads I made, I added a few commercial beads and a fancy little end. I am not very proficient in wire work so the ends are not as pretty as I would like but reasonable. Not sure what else I could be putting on the ends of the wire to keep the beads from falling off. Will have to do some on line research and see what I can find.
Now the question will be - Which ones do I use for the swap? and What will I do with the rest of them?? Maybe a few RAKs are in order!!



Clay charm swap - that is what started this flurry of activity!! I dug out a set of polymer clay - Sculpey - that my sister gave me four years ago for Christmas and started making shapes to use in the creation of charms for swapping. It was totally fun and my first time using polymer clay. I added Pearl Ex to some of them before I baked them - worked pretty well. I created a bit of a container for baking my clay charms by covering a metal pie plate with foil in hopes of not contaminating my oven too much!!
I looked up some basic instructions on the internet and then just started playing. So will have to see how I can embellish these into charms for the swap. I impressed them with some of my CB embossing folders. I really liked how well that worked and the Pearl Ex nicely highlighted the designs.