Monday, December 17, 2007

Last minute gifts

Two last minute gifts you can make for those people on your list that have everything!!
Monogram cards for their notes of congratulations or thanks! Everyone can use these! I colour printed an initial on a panel card that fit into a set of envelopes I had handy. Consider stamping and embossing instead or hand lettering them and then adding colour - lots of possibilities!!
I also did up some address labels!! Used some of the photos I took last year, added names & addresses and printed on labels! Quick and easy and everyone can use them! Always nice to have some special ones for those special cards!!

Have a wonderful Christmas season! I expect I am pretty close to having my prep done so I can enjoy the season. My cards and newsletters will go out tomorrow, bought my baking at the bake sale last weekend, gifts are bought and only need a bit of wrapping! Have been listening to the Christmas music too!! Do enjoy your holiday activities and take a bit of quiet time in the new year to set a few goals, think of areas that need work and make a plan, do what is important and plan so that things don't get too urgent. We all struggle with something and a "one step in front of another" approach is best if you are going in the right direction!!

Winter Solstice Fat book page

Another Fat book page for our T&T mingle!! Doing research on this day I started to realize that we need to build traditions that help us reconnect us to our lives. The Winter Solstice - the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere is overlaps so many holidays celebrated at this time of the year. Many entwined their event with the festivals already celebrated for the Winter Solstice. Very early on, people lived close to nature and on the land. They observed that the days changed in length and with diligent records ascertained on which day the earth started back towards the sun!! It was a reason to celebrate, a time to pray for spring's arrival, good crops and fair weather.
The celebrations of this time of the year regardless of their origins encourage us to join with family and friends, to eat and make merry, to give gifts, to support those in need, to make peace, spread our love and be grateful for the blessings of the year. This year I encourage you to SEE with new eyes the celebrations that are familiar to you. Change up what no longer works but do take the time to celebrate as our ancestors did long before these traditions overcame those of the Winter Solstice!!