Monday, January 11, 2016

Scrappy background with a handmade button

I had some inspiration over night to create some collaged buttons!!  I started with some thick plastic packaging and die cut a 1.5" circle using a Sizzix circle die.  I sanded the edges and one side then applied some clear glue and laid the HAPPY word (stamped on kraft tissue) down just below the middle.  I applied glue to the back of the tissue and added a 1 3/8' punchie made from hand decorated paper in red.  I applied glue to the back of that and added a layer of scrapbook paper, trimmed it roughly and applied pressure to make sure all the surfaces were in contact then added binder clips all around the edges to keep them together until the glue dried.  What fun!!  A collaged handmade button!!  I trimmed the paper to the edge of the plastic, sanded the edges to even them up and sponged the edges with brown ink to integrate them into the colour scheme.  I punched two holes in the middle to finish off the button.  I glued it to the center of a rosette of paper in brown and gold and added a brown/gold ribbon tie.  To add texture I snipped the outside edge and cut each petal diagonally on the end to create a pattern.  Really like how that turned out.  I used another of these paper rosettes on this card.   Anyone have a guess as to where these rosettes of brown and gold came from?  I will add a hint on my original post!!
I trimmed my scrappy background in two and then cut one of the resulting pieces in four to create the square background for my card.  I glued those four pieces to an off white piece of cardstock, added some fiber trim and ribbon and stamped my greeting below that in brown.  I used my sewing machine and brown thread to sew all those elements in place, then glued this large element to a red card front.  I used the same ribbon on the card front as I had used in the button to tie them together visually and tied a short piece on the front to simulate a bow.  I used 3D foam tape to add my button to the middle of my background.  Loving the look of the artsy cards I have created so far this year!!!
I have more buttons on the go!  This may become one of my go to projects for "Art Every Day" which will likely only happen weekly with the kind of schedule I have so they may get a blog post of their own.
Hope you are setting some art goals for yourself and I hope you will leave a comment and share what yours are!!