Saturday, December 22, 2018

Fabric packaging for a set of cards

I created a set of small cards for a gift and was wanting to wrap them nicely.  I have been doing this sort of folded packaging using squares of paper and it has not worked out quite as well as I would like so I got the idea from a posting on Crafsters to try fabric circles instead.  The posting was for snack packaging using waterproof fabric to wrap a sandwich.  It was nice and neat and just seemed so clever.  So I decided to give a go and see if it would work for packaging cards with a few modifications.  I did a little math and decided that a 13" circle should accommodate the little stack of cards I had
created so I went looking for a piece of fabric which I was willing to sacrifice in case it did not work out.  I used a sturdy 100% cotton fabric sample that I have had for quite a long time.  It perfectly accommodated a 13"circle!!  So I cut the circle and then stitched all the way around three times.  Once I tied off the threads and snipped them I ruffled the edge to loosen as many threads as I could.  I used my scissors to trim off the loose ones without cutting into my stitching.  I found a coordinating piece of 3/8" satin ribbon and cut a piece about 18" long and stitched it to the center back of the circle.  I placed the stack of cards in the center of the circle with the ribbon on the back, folded the right hand side over the cards and then the left hand side over it.  Next, the bottom up and then the top down over it.  I brought the two ribbon ends to the front and tied them into a bow.   A very nice package!!!  I expect these sort of packaging could be used for any small gift but it wrapped these little cards perfectly!!  This environmentally friendly packaging will hopefully be saved and reused many more times!!!  Due to its size it is also a stash buster!!!                Therese