Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cardstock for sale!!

I have returned from Ohio with some new cardstock!! I have it listed on my spare blog so you can check it out here:


Several colours are already gone but there is some Vintage Christmas, Autumn, Spring and Summer left along with a few other collections!! Click on the links on the right hand side for quick access to the scans!

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My Art - Cardmaking - window

This card features a window on the front that highlights part of the inside image!! It takes a bit of figuring out and working in a certain order to get everything lined up but effective once you are done.
This is a card that fits in the #8 envelopes. The front flap is white cardstock layered with colour printed decorative paper which has the window. Once you lift this flap you see the coloured flower image which is glued to the bottom flap. Once your flip open the bottom flap you see the insert on the inside! A bit complicated!! I started by gluing the white flap to the top of the coloured card. Next coloured the stamped image and glued it to the bottom flap ensuring it did not show once the front flap was folded down. It sticks up beyond the edge of the bottom flap. With the front flap folded into place sneak it up a bit and see where you want to cut your window to see the little flower on your coloured image. I used a 1" punch to make the window but you could just cut it out. If you glue your decorative paper in place before you cut your window you will not have a white frame around it. To get a white frame on your window cut your white cardstock first and then trace the window onto the back of your decorative paper and trim it just a bit larger. Either way works well. Then you just need to add your single sheet insert to the inside!

It is good to try out new things - a card design, ethnic food, etc!! Makes life interesting!!

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My Art - Cardmaking - Pop up

Pop up cards!! Have never made one of these before though have wanted to for quite a while!! They are fairly easy!! The card front has a layer of decorative paper (colour printed), a ribbon through a slot with shorter ones tied on and an accent on the lower right corner. I made several different ones and the accents are different on all of them. The pop up insert is made of cardstock cut just a little smaller than the card. To create the little pop up step make two cuts into the spine of the insert about 3/4" deep and 3/4" apart in the middle of the insert. Push the popup to the inside of the insert and fold gently to get the edges of the pop up folded. Your insert should look like the lower right hand image. Once you have created your pop up just glue your layered greeting to the front of it and then fold the card shut. This ensures that the card will fold properly with your greeting in place. For those of you with kits, you will have a piece of cardstock in your kit with a small P on it. That is the pop up you would use if the inside of your card is not messy with ribbon and so on!! You can make a pop up step with just a small strip of cardstock and glue that to the inside of your card and add your pop up element. It works best with light coloured cardstock where you can write on the inside of the card. You could have more than one pop up on the inside and so on!! The pop up greeting adds a nice touch to the card! You can put anything in the pop up just make sure you test it before you glue to make sure it does not stick outside the card!!

My Art - Cardmaking - roses tissue

I love the colours of this card!! Here I stamped the leaf stamp on white in black Memories and then watercoloured it. I trimmed off one of the end images so it would fit on the pink layer which I distressed. Layered that on the green which I also distressed.
The background it created similar to the faux silk technique - crumple the tissue and open up. After sort of fitting it on the card front apply glue and layer your tissue paper over it leaving some wrinkles and texture! Trim off any that overlaps the edges. I have a box of tissue paper and I do not want to tell you how long I have been carrying this one around!!!!! I glued the accent to the card front,added the window punchie with a brad and simply folded the other end to the inside of the card. I added a bit of green stippling to the edges with my stipple stamp and a green ink. This card design could be changed up using different supplies for just about any occasion.

My Art - Cardmaking - sunflower

A quick and simple card featuring a new sunflower stamp!! I used the SU Sanded background stamp with navy ink on the yellow cardstock. Reminds me of the Basic Gray papers!! The sunflower is coloured with watercolours and then mounted to a rectangle of navy which has been distressed. This is mounted over the fiber using 3D foam tape! The greeting is stamped in navy ink on the left hand corner.


My Art - Cardmaking - slider

Just had my last cardmaking session for the next few months!! It would seem that I chose some more complicated cards! I was just trying to do something different!
This card hides its colour!! When you pull the fiber (it should have been on the right hand side to make the pulling easier but that's what happens when you are talking instead of paying attention!!) the tag is removed to reveal the colour beneath!!
The main element of the card consists of a frame which has stitching around the opening, an acetate with an image stamped on it and then a layer of coloured paper. These are taped to each other in order and the tag with the fiber fits between the acetate and the decorative paper. This whole accent is then attached to the card front with four brads. I used glossy paper, a spectrum pad and a brayer to create the decorative paper so it would simulate a nice landscape. Used a punch to create a little recess for the fiber on the tag. Really like the way this one turned out. The tag could also reveal a greeting!!