Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flowers for a swap!

Flowers for a swap!!! I made these in February before my SU party with intentions of making a brooch for each person who came. I was not perfectly happy with them then and now that I have rediscovered them I am liking them much better. In the end, they are a bit time consuming and trying to get 20+ done before the party seemed like more than I could handle at the time.
These were created using fabric samples I acquired somewhere along the way. The reddish ones were made using polyester drapery fabric and cut with a flower Sizzix die which cuts three different flowers. Once the shapes were cut I used my heat gun to alter them so they would be wavy and interesting. There are five layers plus a brad. I put an altered circle below the brad, added a small and a large flower then two large daisies offset from each other a bit so they would show all the way around. They can easily be added to projects or made into brooches!!
The others were made using sheer drapery fabric which I shrunk with a heat gun to about half the size before I cut out the circles. Shrinking it with the heat gun really made it bumpy and interesting though you had to be really careful not to burn holes in it. For one set, I cut the medium circles in half and gathered the straight side which made "petals". I layered seven on a large circle leaving a bit of space in the middle, covered them with 5 that met in the middle and then added a decorative brad. These were the ones I was most happy with but they were the most time consuming. The others had medium circles that were folded into a pie shape and glued to the large circle leaving a space in the middle to which I added a flower, a circle and a decorative brad. I used hot glue to glue these together.
I cannot point you to any one website for instructions because I must have perused at least a half dozen websites with tutorials on how to make fabric flowers and used what I liked from each one.
So I am sending these off to new homes where others will include them in their art!! Looking forward to seeing what I get in return and how I can use them in my art.