Thursday, March 08, 2007

Here is what the other side look like!!


This is a double sided page for an Art Idea Journal - a round robin on one of my groups!! I created different layouts in each journal using the same four subjects - handmade paper, faux leather paper, paste paper and serendipity. I included the paper and instructions in each layout so the person receiving it would have samples and information for making their own. It has be so much fun to come up with a different layout for each journal. This is the final journal in the round robin. It has taken two years instead of the anticipated 6 months to get this one finished but the journals have been fabulous and well worth waiting for. Mine is all home and now just needs to be bound!!

Here I created pockets with the specific paper and then printed off instuctions. I topped the instruction sheets with another paper , folded it up to fit and added it to the pocket. I also added a variety of samples of each technique to each pocket. That should supply some inspiration and some pieces to play with. I stamped each technique name with a round alphabet in a coordinating colour, punched them out with a 1" hole punch (michaels), added a hole at the top and strung them onto fiber. I made two holes at each end of the pockets and strung the little round tag titles between them and tied them taught. I used the same holes for the fiber on each side of the page.

Very happy with how this one has worked out!!

Enjoy!! Have a creative day!!