Monday, April 04, 2016

Snowman cards!

A few snowman Christmas cards!!  I prepped these kits for my cardmaking class last week and a couple of the girls made one.  Today,  I decided to make up the kits that were left over and add them to my Christmas card stash!!  I made up these six and am also adding the sample I made up for class for a total of 7!!  That bring my Christmas cards to 21 so far this year!!  
The background for these cards was some metallic foil snowflake gift wrap.  I added the embossed white cardstock label with the ribbon embellishment to which I attached with 3D foam my watercoloured and layered snowmen!!   The snowman on the right is from Anne's Card 4U and the one on the left is from  Jelly Park Challenges blog.  
I am happy to be keeping up with my goal of making cards ahead for Christmas!!  It helps that I make a few kits for my classes!!