Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Baseball zig zag card

I joined a swap where I needed to create a zig zag card with a baseball theme. Wouldn't you know it I had this baseball player image in my stash.  I actually had two of them so decided to make two cards.  I created the layout of this card digitally in Corel Draw so it could be printed on white cardstock which would reduce the layers and ensure it could be mailed for first class postage.  I created a background using black dotted lines which mimic a baseball uniform.  I added the baseball image (CLKER) on the left hand side and inserted a little birthday greeting then added the bats (CLKER) at the top of each section.  I duplicated another card on the other half of my sheet, laser printed it and cut them apart by cutting between the bats.  It gives the cards a cool decorative edge.  I folded the cards between the bats, sponged all the edges and used my stipple stamp (SU) with brown ink on a few of the edges.  I added a bit of watercolour to the bats and created a shadow on the baseballs.  I added the layered images of the baseball players on the right hand panels and left the center ones for a personal message.  Love how these worked out!!  They have a bit of a vintage look which I like.  


Leafy wrist cuff

 Played with felt last week and came up with this leafy cuff for my daughter using scraps she donated to me.  I have limited colours but thought I could make a leaf cuff work.  I chose scraps that were big enough to cut with the TH Tattered Leaves die and cut 12 leaves.  I used wool thread which I obtained at a local thrift shop  - also limited colours.  I found some to coordinate with all of my leaves and did the button hole stitch around all of them hiding my ends in the felt.  I wanted to add a bit of colour so used gold thread in my sewing machine
and added the veining in each leaf. Now came the fun part - layering them to create a pleasing arrangement.  Once I liked the placement, I pinned them to each other to maintain their order and stitched them together.  I used regular sewing thread and hand stitched each leaf to the one below it where they overlapped.  I used very small stitches and did not go all the way through the felt so the underside looks as nice as the front.  I added two little black snaps as a closure which could be moved if it didn't fit perfectly.  As it was, it was just right and she liked it!!