Sunday, December 23, 2018

Large cards for my sister using her stash!

 I will be seeing my sister this coming week at our family Christmas celebration so I took some time yesterday to make her a few cards.  She came over about three years ago and brought along a load of supplies for cardmaking.  We made a few but upon leaving she opted to leave the supplies and I promised to make her some card with the supplies.  I am not sure how many cards I have made for her but she seems OK with getting some every now and then and the supplies are out of her house.

 These were created using supplies on hand.  The top green and pick one was a commercial card which I had to cut apart on the bottom to make it have the right proportions so I added a ribbon and a layered decorative flower accent.  The green and orange on on the right was the perfect size so I simply glued the card front to a card and I was done!! 
The card with the flowers in the cup had to be cut apart because the greeting was too wide.  I trimmed the edged of the card using my scallop border punch, pierced each scallop and then glued them to a dark green card front.  I added a yellow ribbon and a little laser printed punchie greeting which I watercoloured to coordinate with the flowers.  The teal one with the feature was a bit short but I could not trim it so I added copper accents on the top and bottom and mounted the whole thing to a dark brown card front.  The current greeting is current but it is completely adhered using 3D foam tape of a very sturdy nature so I opted to leave it instead of ruining this beautiful card. 
 For the one on the left I used a piece of scrapbook paper that featured this cute little pig.  I cut it to fit on my red card and then wanting to add a greeting I found the one I had trimmed off the flower card!!  Perfect colour!!  So I created a dark green layer for it.  I trimmed both sides with my scallop scissor, pierced each scallop then embossed it.  I glued little coordinating ribbon ends to the back before adhering the strip to the top of my card.  I finished it off by gluing the greeting over the it using double sided tape.  Perfect!!
For the last two, I reused calendar pages!!  The floral one I trimmed to fit the width of the card and then added a strip of green embossed cardstock to the bottom.  I added a length of yellow ribbon gluing both ends to the back of the layer.  I glued this large element to a blue card front.  I watercoloured a little oval punchie greeting and then mounted it over the ribbon using 3D foam tape. 
For this last one, I trimmed the page to fit the width of the card in the same manner but instead of adding at just the bottom I trimmed two strips of brown card that would fill the gaps.  I embossed them using a tape measure embossing folder - the first time I have used it though it has been in my possession for a few years!!  I love the way they look!!  I adhered them to the top and bottom of my image and then glued this large element to my red card front.  I found this stamped greeting in my stash, sponged its edges just a bit with brown ink and them added the red cording before adhering it to my card front using 3D foam tape.  I used a hole punch to make a small hole on the spine of my card so I could string my cording all the way around the front and then tied it on the front to the right of my greeting. 

Really happy with how well these all turned out!!!  Only a few more sleeps before Christmas!!           Therese