Friday, February 24, 2012

Postage stamp art

The last art piece for today features a cancelled postage stamp.  I have a collection of old postage stamps which is a great resource when I am looking for little pieces of art for a project.  This one is from a bird series and it reads 46 cents.  How long has it been since we paid 46 cents for first class postage??  I dug out all the stamps I had from the series and chose those whose cancellation was the least conspicuous.  I added them to coloured tags which I layered over handmade paper sheets that had a handmade paper layer (my own) glued to a quarter sheet of cardstock.  I added a large brad through all the layers and tied on a short piece of coordinating fiber!!
That is number four and we have eight to go!!


Glittered elements

 Today we played with glitter!!  These are two more pieces of  art which will be added to the calendar which I am creating with my class of young adults.
I layered double sided tape onto red cardstock and cut it with my Big Shot and a heart die (SX).  I did both large ones and small ones.  They used the large ones today on this piece of art and will be using the small ones later for a different page.
I added glitter to a plastic container which was big enough for them to place their shapes into which worked very well.  This double sided tape is very sticky and we had difficulty removing the  backing paper.  I found it helpful to use a push pin to get it started on one side.
The die cut trees had a triangle of double sided tape added to the back which allowed us to rub glitter into its openings which immediately created a "decorated" tree!!

So for the first piece I embossed a quarter sheet of red cardstock, glued down a small sheet of layered handmade paper and then added a few staples where they would be hidden by the heart.  I then added the heart using 3D foam tape.  The students used their creativity and made their pages their own.  It is one of the best things about teaching when students just do their own thing and show how many ways the same supplies can be combined to create art.
For the second piece, I peeled off the backing paper from the triangle I had added to the back of the tree for the glitter and placed it over the handmade paper layered with a book page.  Glued that to the red embossed cardstock, pierced a hole through all the layers and added an embossed gold star sequin using a gold brad.

Two more pieces of art for our calendar!!


Embossed metal art

Here is the first piece of art I designed for the calendar I am creating with my class of young adults.  I provided them with several foil shapes and they embossed them with their own designs.  For this page they embossed a design around a teal paper confetti flower.  Embossing foil is easy.  Simply place it upside down on a piece of folded newspaper to provide a bit of cushion and draw your design using a pencil.  In this case, we confined our designs to the inside of a frame which I had already embossed with an embossing folder.  We glued a small sheet of pink paper to a quarter sheet of teal paper and added our embossed metal art to the pink using 3D foam tape.  We then added a rhinestone brad to the flower by piercing through all the layers.  This will help to provide integrity to the whole piece when we add it to the calendar page.


White on White card with a twist!

I created a couple of these cards for my monthly card exchange!  They are the same design as these that I created for my cardmaking session a few weeks ago.
They could be used for a wedding, anniversary, baptism, confirmation or first communion!  I really like the look of the white on white!!


Handmade paper sheets with layers

Last week I taught papermaking to a class of young adults as part of an art program.  I prepared ivory paper pulp - white post consumer paper scraps, yellow paper napkins and brown paper napkins.  I gave them a variety of papers to layer onto their handmade paper while it was wet to create cute little sheets!!  The tissue paper (stripes) and the mulberry paper were the only ones which did not peel off.  The newspaper, book page, sheet music and gift wrap all had some areas that were lifting a bit when I was pressing them so I glued them back in place.  It is really neat because the layers had created a debossed area in the handmade paper so it was very easy to position them back exactly where they had been!!  I have also created this layered look using my own handmade paper and it incorporates easily to become part of the sheet.
Over the next few weeks we will be creating little pieces of art which will be incorporated into a calendar!