Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lighthouse cards

I created a few cards using my seaweed handmade paper and colour printed images of a light house I took while on holidays. After printing the images in colour and grayscale I thought they would look much better with the handmade paper if they were sepia. Having never changed a photo to sepia before, I searched online for a tutorial. I found this one which worked well but because I was not reading and following the directions carefully it took me most of the afternoon to get something decent. A bit of a learning curve there!! This morning I was able to start over and get a better image in a short period of time and managed four cards!!
I glued the handmade paper to the brown card front and used my little sewing machine to pierce holes around edges. Reminds me of the little plover tracks all over the beach in PEI. Printed my greetings onto a label, cut them with wavy scissors, glued them to the accent layer and added some pierced holes to them as well. Layered the greeting and image to the front of my card in several different configurations!!

Just what I need for cards today!!

Taught cardmaking to a new group last night and we had a great time. Will post the samples later!!