Sunday, August 26, 2007

I used the pearlescent ink background on this card! I created the embellishment using punched shapes. I layered the small punched flower on punched circle (5/8") and then that onto another punched circle (1"). I glued them to a regular paperclip to so I could slide it onto the ribbon!! Worked out quite well, the paperclip is not visible but the whole embellishment does slide nicely!!

I have much more to add which I will get done over the next week or so. Check back later for more!!

Mixed Media Market

These two cards were created with the Kaliedacolour pad backgrounds!! Therese

I used the walnut ink background on this card. It was fun to play around with images and give this one a more vintage feel. I did a bit of masking to have the images appear in the text. I created a little wreath of pearl beads on a wire and then wired it to the brown velvet ribbon. The flower and fern are real pressed botanicals.

I used a tube watercolour background on this card! The vibrancy of the background works well with the more solid looking stamp.


I really like creating cards with these alcohol and ink backgrounds!! So much potential!!

The daisy card has an embellishment I created using a clipola and a short piece of a wood stirrer stick! I thought it worked well with the ribbon.

I used a self made background rubber stamp on the outside of the Dream card.
Apply cut offs from your SU stamps to a piece of wood. It creates a sort of random background stamp that goes well with the cling wrap backgrounds. Therese

Cling wrap backgrounds created using white glossy cardstock and Kaliedacolor spectrum stamp pads. I brayered the cardstock with a well inked brayer and then spritzed on some water to make it wet. The dye ink then lifted a bit and was manipulated by the crumpled cling wrap. On the right - Creole Spice and on the left - Royal Satin.

The cling wrap I used on the left background is the one I reused on the walnut ink background which gave me the red and blue in that background.

These rolled a little because of the water on the glossy cardstock and needed to be weighted down just slightly.


My Art - background

This background was created on matte cardstock using pearlescent acrylic inks!! Just applied the colours without mixing too much and laid the crumpled cling wrap over it. The scan does not capture the pearlescense of the paint but it does make a very effective background. You can use any acrylic medium to make these backgrounds. I would recommend thinning regular craft acrylic paints to a soupy consistency to get the best results. Consider adding a bit of metallics to your work for a little sparkle. One of greatest advantages in creating your own backgrounds is how unique they all are and how little they cost!!

This cling wrap background was created on matte cardstock using walnut ink. I placed a "used" piece of cling wrap that had some colour on it over it which introduced the new colours to the background. Gave an interesting effect! This is quite an unpredictable process but sometimes it yields the most interesting backgrounds.


These cling wrap backgrounds were created with rubbing alcohol and SU reinkers on white glossy cardstock!! These are really great!! Just create a regular alcohol background by pouncing your cardstock with a felt dabber loaded with alcohol and dye ink in three coordinating colours then while it is still wet add a crumpled piece of cling wrap to cover the surface and leave to dry. The lighter ones were created by just adding more alcohol to a used dabber. I like the dimensional aspect of these backgrounds!!

These cling wrap backgrounds were created with tube watercolour in yellow, red and blue on white matte cardstock (110 lb cover from Staples). I really love the transparent and vibrant colours!!

My Art - backgrounds

I am finally back to my blog after more than a month of working on several different art projects and taking a few days off here and there!! Unbelievably, the summer is drawing to a close and many will be heading back to school and most of us back to our regular routines after the summer break.

I made a whole pile of cling wrap backgrounds for a contest over at Wendy's site - Stamp and Scrap Canada . It is a very fun technique that can be used with a wide variety of media - watercolour, ink pads, alcohol inks, acrylic paints, etc.

These were made with some pan watercolours in a variety of reds and greens on matte cardstock!! I used quarter sheets of matte cardstock (110 lb from Staples) and just brushed on some watercolour. Crinkled up a sheet of cling wrap (cheap is fine) and then laid it onto my wet paint. The colour runs along the crinkled surfaces and creates a random pattern. Just leave to dry. It is a bit like Christmas when you take off the cling wrap to see the pattern that has been created! I will be posting some of the other paper I made in the same session.