Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Studio improvements!!

I am fortunate to have a very capable and willing partner who this past week created for me a paper storage rack.  It was specifically designed to fit on the top of my file cabinet and arrived ready to go - paint and all!!  It reaches to the ceiling and features fifteen openings that will be used to hold all of my paper that is on rolls.  I previously had a 4 cube moving box up there laying on its side with all of my paper rolls in it.  It did the job reasonably well but it was hard to access the lower rolls because of the weight of everything that was piled on top of them.  This will work much better!!  I have emptied the box and there is now paper in each cubby hole but everything fit in and there is space to access all of the paper very nicely.  I did cook him a good meal in appreciation for his effort.
On the weekend, I also gained the benefit of some new lighting thanks to the same wonderful guy!!  He replaced four fluorescent bulbs in two fixtures with 14 tubes in four fixtures!!!  WOW!!  What a difference that made!!  They are now the T8 bulbs which are much more energy efficient and also provide more light.  It has made such a difference!!! I am grateful for his time and effort on my behalf!!