Friday, March 27, 2020

Birthday card featuring a cute little cat, a font greeting and some fiber

I am still making cards for my stash!!  This one features a cute little cat (CLKER) which I usually colour orange but today I thought I would change it up and coloured it gray!  I like it!!  I used some red fiber and a large needled and gave him a scarf!!  I simply poked two holes on each side of his neck and inserted the fiber using the needle.  It adds some colour and texture to this little guy.  After watercolouring him, I used my tracing wheel to add a row of paper piercing to all the edges.  I mounted the cat to a piece of red cardstock and trimmed it to an even margin.  I adhered this layer to a speckled navy card and then added a row of paper piercing to each side of the focal image with my pattern tracing wheel.  I like the echo of the paper piercing - works well.     Therese

Slow Stitching - Tree #9

Here is my ninth tree for my slow stitching project!!  I started with a modified blanket stitch on the bottom edge and could not get it done consistently so I switched to just regular stab stitched for the rest.  I created blue rectangles over all of the tree and then added yellow french knots in the middle of all of them.  I added the star at the top using small stab stitches which seems to work out the best.  I remember to put them one on the right to help balance the collection!!     Therese