Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Art - heart ornaments

Heart ornaments!! When my sister was visiting we found this tutorial on line for creating these cute heart ornaments. Quick and easy!! Because we used double sided cardstock for our version we were not able to staple the 8 pieces of cardstock together so we invented a process using one length of ribbon that bound the bottom, created a hanger and allowed us to hang some bling off the bottom!! I have also changed up the size a bit to make them smaller. I made them in a variety of colours. It takes a few to get the hang of it and not have strips of paper all over the place but in the end I have a bunch of them hanging on the tree which will find their way to Merchants Mill and finally to a new home for the holidays!! These would be great a package toppers as well. It's only 87 days to Christmas so we do have to start planning!!