Monday, July 14, 2008

My Art - ATCs for trading

These are the ATCs I made for trading at Stamp Fest on Saturday!! It was a great day and a carload of us went to Bancroft!! There were some terrific make and takes put on by the vendors - waterfall card by Stamp Barn, Positive-Negative card by Frogs Whiskers, glitter card by Stamplicity, watercolour card by Scrapbook Moment and more, tags by Stamp Cellar, angelina fiber by Class Acts, and several more that I cannot recall! The crowd was not as large a usual which made it great for shopping! We all got some goodies and then did another round before we headed home in early afternoon. There were not many who had ATCs for trading - thanks to Dyke, Marilyn and Susan. I got some neat ones in return. I had also took some of my ATCs from previous years in case the demand was high so a few of those were traded away as well.

So if anyone is interested in trading 1 for 1 ATCs please send me an email (under profile) and we can set up a swap!! Counting across then down #3 and #6 are no longer available.

It was fun making these. Started with a blue leather paper I created a while back (acrylic paint on cardstock, glue on tissue paper and then paint on more acrylic paint) onto which I layered paste paper dresses in yellow (one pink one). I colour printed heads from various copyright free images I have and layered those on the top. For some I layered fiber arms behind the dress, for others I just added arms on the sides. It was great fun!!

Here are the few extras I brought along for trading from past years. Counting across then down #2, & #4 are no longer available.


My Art - Mingle page

July's mingle page!! Used blue colour printed cardstock as a base and added a strip of sheet music, a large letter "b" printed on acetate and a little red heart with a black brad. I stamped the background with a music stamp then stamped "BLUES" with individual alphabet stamps from Fontwerks. I handwrote in white gel marker several blues that came to mind like blue skies, blue birds, etc on the back and added some blue stars. I glued the bottom edge when I assembled it so that I could add a tag. The recipient will be able to add their own favorite blues to the tag!! Really happy with the way this one worked out!


My Art - Heart card

This is the card I created for my husband for our anniversary!! I cut the heart with a Sizzix die in my Cuttlebug machine!! It was red cardstock and I glued on red with gold stars tissue paper and tucked all the edges to the back. Layered it onto sheet music that I ripped around the edges except for the right hand side. Added my handwritten greeting (gold gen pen on black handmade paper) below the heart.

A few days after I gave him the card he asked me if there was any significance to the fact that the music sheet was upside down!! There certainly wasn't any concious significance but who knows - it may have been well past my bedtime!!


Saturday, July 05, 2008

MM - Brag book/ Photo albums - Mini scrapbooks

A few more of these cool little brag books which are made with name badges!! They make a cool gift for anyone who has children or grandchildren, had a special event like a birthday party or christening, taken a trip or vacation or even for a child who has been to camp or field trip!!

Have also made these mini scrapbooks using the same technique that have little pages that you can scrapbook on instead of the photo pages.

These are at the Merchants Mill!!

I will be there tomorrow, July 6th, doing a hanmdade paper demo as their featured artist for this week!

MM - Art on a string

I created a few more of these cool pendants for the Merchants Mill - a little boutique where I have some of my items for sale! I used paints instead of inks this time and like the look better. I also made the string piece so it would slide back and forth and afford the person who is wearing it the ability to adjust how long it would hang. Neat idea! Thanks, Alida for the suggestion!! The summer is just beginning and it will be open 6 days a week!! If you are in Central Ontario on holidays, come and check out this little gem of a place!! Great ice cream!!


These are metal washers that I have painted with arylic ink - used alcohol inks last time. The one on the right has decorative paper applied to it on both sides - in this case - polished stone.

My Art - Journal pages

My last set of journal pages for our Altered Journal project!! Ancient Architecture was the theme and I chose to do a page on ancient bridges in China! I used a new to me technique which I am not sure has a name. You paste down your image and then paint the edges to include them into your background. I stamped the blue cardstock with Chinese characters and then pasted down some pieces torn from a Chinese newspaper and watercoloured over them. After I pasted my colour printed images down I added more watercolour to the page to incorporate the images into the page. I expect that the transparency of the watercolour made it not the most effective medium but I liked the results! I added Chinese in die cut letters and Bridges was colour printed. I colour washed over it so it would blend with the page. It has been a fun project!! I have one more set of sheets to arrive before I can bind all of mine together into a journal.