Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Paper beads

I joined a Paper Bead swap on AFTCM and these are the beads I created!  I used pages from a song book and ensured that the treble clef was at the end that would show.  These are not quite a quarter inch around and 1.5" long.  I used double sided tape and some black glitter embossing powder for the middle band of colour and black glitter for the ends.  They each give a bit of a different look which I like.  Once finished I coated them with a clear acrylic finish to seal them and make them a bit more durable.  I used a rectangle of paper instead of a triangle which means that these beads are nice little cylinders instead of beads that are thick in the middle like these ones.
So they are packaged up and ready to be mailed off.  Looking forward to seeing what comes back!!  Maybe I will have a few more I can use as charms for my next bracelet which I am currently using as a decoration on one of my vases!!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Postage stamp art

The last art piece for today features a cancelled postage stamp.  I have a collection of old postage stamps which is a great resource when I am looking for little pieces of art for a project.  This one is from a bird series and it reads 46 cents.  How long has it been since we paid 46 cents for first class postage??  I dug out all the stamps I had from the series and chose those whose cancellation was the least conspicuous.  I added them to coloured tags which I layered over handmade paper sheets that had a handmade paper layer (my own) glued to a quarter sheet of cardstock.  I added a large brad through all the layers and tied on a short piece of coordinating fiber!!
That is number four and we have eight to go!!


Glittered elements

 Today we played with glitter!!  These are two more pieces of  art which will be added to the calendar which I am creating with my class of young adults.
I layered double sided tape onto red cardstock and cut it with my Big Shot and a heart die (SX).  I did both large ones and small ones.  They used the large ones today on this piece of art and will be using the small ones later for a different page.
I added glitter to a plastic container which was big enough for them to place their shapes into which worked very well.  This double sided tape is very sticky and we had difficulty removing the  backing paper.  I found it helpful to use a push pin to get it started on one side.
The die cut trees had a triangle of double sided tape added to the back which allowed us to rub glitter into its openings which immediately created a "decorated" tree!!

So for the first piece I embossed a quarter sheet of red cardstock, glued down a small sheet of layered handmade paper and then added a few staples where they would be hidden by the heart.  I then added the heart using 3D foam tape.  The students used their creativity and made their pages their own.  It is one of the best things about teaching when students just do their own thing and show how many ways the same supplies can be combined to create art.
For the second piece, I peeled off the backing paper from the triangle I had added to the back of the tree for the glitter and placed it over the handmade paper layered with a book page.  Glued that to the red embossed cardstock, pierced a hole through all the layers and added an embossed gold star sequin using a gold brad.

Two more pieces of art for our calendar!!


Embossed metal art

Here is the first piece of art I designed for the calendar I am creating with my class of young adults.  I provided them with several foil shapes and they embossed them with their own designs.  For this page they embossed a design around a teal paper confetti flower.  Embossing foil is easy.  Simply place it upside down on a piece of folded newspaper to provide a bit of cushion and draw your design using a pencil.  In this case, we confined our designs to the inside of a frame which I had already embossed with an embossing folder.  We glued a small sheet of pink paper to a quarter sheet of teal paper and added our embossed metal art to the pink using 3D foam tape.  We then added a rhinestone brad to the flower by piercing through all the layers.  This will help to provide integrity to the whole piece when we add it to the calendar page.


White on White card with a twist!

I created a couple of these cards for my monthly card exchange!  They are the same design as these that I created for my cardmaking session a few weeks ago.
They could be used for a wedding, anniversary, baptism, confirmation or first communion!  I really like the look of the white on white!!


Handmade paper sheets with layers

Last week I taught papermaking to a class of young adults as part of an art program.  I prepared ivory paper pulp - white post consumer paper scraps, yellow paper napkins and brown paper napkins.  I gave them a variety of papers to layer onto their handmade paper while it was wet to create cute little sheets!!  The tissue paper (stripes) and the mulberry paper were the only ones which did not peel off.  The newspaper, book page, sheet music and gift wrap all had some areas that were lifting a bit when I was pressing them so I glued them back in place.  It is really neat because the layers had created a debossed area in the handmade paper so it was very easy to position them back exactly where they had been!!  I have also created this layered look using my own handmade paper and it incorporates easily to become part of the sheet.
Over the next few weeks we will be creating little pieces of art which will be incorporated into a calendar!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cardmaking - February - Wax crayon & wall paper

I just love the vibrant colours of wax crayon backgrounds!!  Here I used wax crayons over textured wallpaper!!  Check out this post for more information!!  It was a total blast to create these backgrounds and still more fun to choose images that would work well with them.  The sailing ship is a digital image from CLKER and the cupcake is from Beccy`s Place.  I wanted to keep the design simple to let the background shine so I simply added a length of rick rack and the coloured image.  You can see the versatility of this medium - the top one makes a great masculine card and the bottom one with its circle greeting makes the cutest kids card.
I found this greeting in my greetings stash - applesauce containers that stack and store extra greetings by subject - birthday, thanks, etc.   I bring them to class so participants can customize their cards.
I hope you will be inspired to create some backgrounds!! Make a few extra while you are at it and you will have what you need when you need a card in a hurry!!


Cardmaking - February - botanical bird

The decorative background on this card is sticky backed fabric which was designed for use in home decor.  I have had it for a couple of years and have several times tried to incorporate it into my creations without success.  This week it all just gelled and I created this design!!  Because the fabric is sticky backed it is best to apply it like a large label.  I peeled back just a small amount of the backing paper and positioned the top onto my card front ensuring it was straight and true.  Once that little piece is properly positioned I was able to remove the backer paper easily off the rest of it and the whole piece settled nicely into place.  Love the look of it!!  I added a length of lace, tied some black cording around the card front over the lace and slipped the cardstock paper clip (SX) over it sliding it along until I was happy with the placement then anchored it with 3D foam tape.  Glued the little bird (TH) to the paper clip and added it the wing with 3D foam tape. Used a white gel pen to add an eye.  Stamped some script with grey Memories ink onto the fabric to add a bit of texture as some areas needed a bit of a boost.
Use what you have!!  I know it is good advice but I can totally relate when in an effort to use what you have you seem to be hitting a road block and nothing is working!!  I admit to moving on and trying something else because forcing the design process tends to be not an effective use of time for me, though having said that I am trying more and more to use what I have in an effort to reduce the stash!!


Cardmaking - February - border punch tags

This card was inspired by my sister's border punch tags blog post! How cool that you can use a border punch to create cool little tags!!  I used the eyelet border punch (SU) which makes tags that are five eighths of an inch wide.  You can make them as long as you like.  Follow the link above to check out her tutorial.
I created the greetings in my layout program and printed them before I punched the edge and cut them apart.  Very cool!!
The images were downloaded from Meljen`s blog.  She has a lot of beautiful whimsical images on her site!!  I added some nice floral decorative paper and some coordinating ribbon to finish off my card.  I watercoloured the images and added some stitching lines with a Sharpie marker.  Coloured the tag too,tied it to the ribbon and positioned it with 3D foam tape.
Try making your own little tags!!  Love being able to use a tool I own for more than one purpose!!


Cardmaking - February - with a Twist

After making this snowflake card with a twist I decided to add this design to my cardmaking session for February!!  Love cards that move!!
I created it to fit in a #8 envelope by combining two pieces of cardstock that overlap in the back and create a flap on each end.  The white cardstock flap on the right hand side features the twirling element and the coloured flap on the left features the greeting and extends to the fold on the right.
The twirling element is created by capturing a piece of crochet thread between two silver circle punchies using double sided tape being sure it is centered.  I applied double sided tape above and below the punched opening, centered the twirling element in the opening and pressed the threads into the tape being sure the thread was taut.  I added another piece of double sided tape over the threads and folded the ends over and adhered them to the double sided tape, respectively.  This folding helps to ensure that the ends will remain captured and that the twirling element remains taut. Finish off the element by adhering confetti shapes to each side using double sided tape or glue dots.  I added a double knotted ribbon to the decorative paper and adhered it over the glued threads.     I trimmed my greeting and added it to the left hand side so the left flap would just tuck in slightly.  Here is a link to a video tutorial I found that was helpful.
So, to get the twirling action, you twist your element, lay it flat on your card and tuck it into your envelope.  When the recipient opens the card and lifts the flap the element twirls!!
The twirling element can be almost any size and shape so there is a lot of potential to make this card really fun!!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!! I have made up a Valentine's version of one of the cards I made up in January for my cardmaking class!! The little clown is from The Graphics Fairy. I did remove the words on the graphic so it would work for this card!  I laid it over vintage full scap attaching it with my own version of washi tape and added a vellum greeting sticker of my own making.   I hope you will connect with your partner today and set aside some special time to celebrate all that is good about being together!! Therese

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wax crayon and wallpaper backgrounds

This card features a decorative background that I created using wall paper and wax crayons!!  I read on Daphne's blog that she had used wax crayons on Anaglypta wallpaper for her cards so I thought I would give it a try!! I did not have the specialty wallpaper so I  used what I had which was very textured in a very light colour.  I cut the wall paper into pieces that would fit on my griddle (covered with foil) and just started applying wax crayon by rubbing them into the warmed paper.  Too easy!!  It was a very fun process and it created some really awesome backgrounds!!  I created backgrounds using wax crayons and cardstock a while back.  You can find them here!
So consider using what you have!!  I will be scanning my backgrounds for future digital use!
I created this card for a Orange and Yellow Colour swap on Just Cards!  The image is a digital stamp I downloaded from Michelle Perkett's blog.  She has some very cool images on there!!  I just watercoloured the laser printed image and mounted it over the rick rack using 3D foam tape.  The greeting was laser printed on transparency, trimmed and adhered with discreetly placed double sided tape.  A totally fun card!!  It is already winging it's way to my swap partner!!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Heartstrings swap - Quietfire Blog challenge

Love is in the air!!  I have created a large card for my Heart Strings swap on AFTCM and combined it with the Queen of Hearts Challenge on Suzanne Cannon's Quietfire blog.
I created the background using an image I downloaded from Maybemej's blog.  I cut and pasted the piece I wanted into my layout program, duplicated and mirrored it so it would be wide enough for my card.  The "queen of hearts", the floral hearts and the large vintage heart were all downloaded from The Graphics Fairy and modified to what I needed for my card design.   "Love" is a Quietfire Designs stamp which I gold embossed on ivory cardstock, punched with the SU scalloped oval punch and paper pierced in each scallop.  I added some paper lace (SU eyelet border punch), some really lace below it and a piece of pink vintage seam binding with a bow in between.  I added a bit of watercolour to the queen's dress and hat.  The card swap suggested we use lots of layers so I have!  I used 3D foam tape to give most of the pieces some dimension as well.
This card was a stretch for me - getting lots of layers to coordinate and look pleasing is always a challenge for me but I think this is a credible attempt.  There is so much inspiration out there so I took some time to peruse some blogs as I was choosing my pieces and deciding on my design.  Thanks to those who so willingly share their creations to inspire others!!


Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Paper Bead Jewelery

 I participated in a Wild and Wacky challenge a couple of weeks ago and we have to reveal our projects today!!
We were instructed to go to this website:
which generates wild and wacky kaleidoscopes in vibrant colours, when we saw something we liked we just had to print it and create something with the printed copy!!  Too easy!!
I started by stamping my sheet with a solid looking butterfly stamp (SU) and embossing them in silver.  I thought right away that I would like to make paper beads so I found a small piece of wood to make the main element for my necklace, cut a nice accent piece with a butterfly out of the sheet and then cut the remaining piece of W&W paper into long thin triangles with which I created my paper beads.  I rolled them on a toothpick, sealed them with clear finish onto which I sprinkled sparkly embossing powder and then heated them to dry the finish and melt the embossing powder.  I made 13 sparkly beads!!
 For the main element of my necklace I glued my W&W paper to one side of my little piece of wood and created a collage on the other using hand decorated paper, sheet music and a rhinestone.  To seal up the edges I applied clear sealer and then dipped it into pewter UTEE and heated it.  I did the other three sides the same way.  It needed more visual depth so I reheated the first side and dipped it in the UTEE again.  In the end, each side got about 3-4 coats of pewter  UTEE before I was happy with the way it looked - sort of like solder!!  I sealed the collage side and added clear glass beads to the sealer I applied to the W&W side to just tone it down a bit.  The piece is very reflective and you can see part of a silver butterfly in the piece.  Once everything was dry, I drilled a hole at the top and added a metal loop and some beads so I could add it when I strung my beads.  I added blue glass beads and some pewter Ebeads to complete my necklace.  I used Beadalon plastic coated wire to string it and a clasp from my stash of jewelry findings.
So you can see in this photo the collage I made on the other side of my main element as well as the full length of the necklace.  I really like the way the blue glass beads and the pewter Ebeads work with my glittery paper beads.

This was a very great project!! It is fun to get out of the usual and try something different!!  I enjoyed making the beads the most.  I had never used wire to string beads before and it took a little R&D to find the best way to finish it off.  So all in all, a successful venture into the unusual with some wild and wacky paper.  Really looking forward to what all the participants made with theirs!!


Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Sailboat birthday card

After getting the sheets all made up last week, this morning I decided to use the little sailboat stamp to make a card for my grandson!!  I had used the sailboat for a masculine card previously but decided that his card needed a lighter look so I used a large blue paint chip for the background. There was some writing on the top right hand side which I unsuccessfully tried to remove with several different chemicals. A search of the internet did not locate any better options so I finally gently sanded them off.  I die cut the chip using TH Ornamental and then highlighted the edges using the same blue ink I used to stamp the sailboat.   I stamped a greeting, tied on a string and added a layered punchie accent which features a hand drawn #3.  Layered this element onto a white embossed cardstock and mounted it to a blue card front.
It is fun to create cards for kids! They so appreciate everything they get!!


Stamped fabric - sheet set

 My oldest grandson is turning three at the end of the month and just got his big boy bed so I thought a new set of sheets would be fun for him for his birthday!! My daughter suggested that low key and subtle would be best so I started by dyeing white sheets a "cafe au lait" colour and then proceeded to stamp them with little sailboat scenes!!  As you can see on the left I started with the water.  I did not have a "water" stamp so I went looking through the discarded rubber I have saved from my SU sets.  Lo and behold, I found this edge that looked enough
 like waves and water to me so I trimmed it out of the whole sheet and voila, I had a water stamp.  I used a permanent stamp pad - Palette hybrid - to

stamp the water in a turquoise colour.   I stamped both sheets and the pillow case with the water in an offset pattern before I moved onto stamping boats. I inked my little sailboat stamp using three different colours - blue for the hull, brown for the sails and red for the flag and stamped it overlapping my water.  I overrode my desire to stamp the boats in every colour of ink I had and limited myself to blue and green hulls and two different browns for the sails.  The green for the hull was Ancient Pages ink, the blue was Palette, the browns for the sails were Memories ink - one regular, the other chalk ink,

the flag was a Memories Chalk ink.  As you can see I eventually had a whole flotilla of sailboats on the sheets.  After all the stamping was done, I took them to the ironing board and heat set each image.  It took longer to heat set them all than it had to stamp them.   It took me the better part of a day to sort out the design and inks, get all the stamping done and ensure that each image had been heat set but I am loving how well them turned out.  I have washed the sheets to ensure that the colours will be

permanent and there would be no colour letting from the dye.  Perfect!!

I stamped a little heart on each piece and signed it so he would always be reminded that I love him!!

I will be posting my R&D for figuring out what would work for dyeing the sheets and then stamping them at a later date.  I am up to my ears in projects and hope to get them to my blog ASAP!!