Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Stamped fabric - sheet set

 My oldest grandson is turning three at the end of the month and just got his big boy bed so I thought a new set of sheets would be fun for him for his birthday!! My daughter suggested that low key and subtle would be best so I started by dyeing white sheets a "cafe au lait" colour and then proceeded to stamp them with little sailboat scenes!!  As you can see on the left I started with the water.  I did not have a "water" stamp so I went looking through the discarded rubber I have saved from my SU sets.  Lo and behold, I found this edge that looked enough
 like waves and water to me so I trimmed it out of the whole sheet and voila, I had a water stamp.  I used a permanent stamp pad - Palette hybrid - to

stamp the water in a turquoise colour.   I stamped both sheets and the pillow case with the water in an offset pattern before I moved onto stamping boats. I inked my little sailboat stamp using three different colours - blue for the hull, brown for the sails and red for the flag and stamped it overlapping my water.  I overrode my desire to stamp the boats in every colour of ink I had and limited myself to blue and green hulls and two different browns for the sails.  The green for the hull was Ancient Pages ink, the blue was Palette, the browns for the sails were Memories ink - one regular, the other chalk ink,

the flag was a Memories Chalk ink.  As you can see I eventually had a whole flotilla of sailboats on the sheets.  After all the stamping was done, I took them to the ironing board and heat set each image.  It took longer to heat set them all than it had to stamp them.   It took me the better part of a day to sort out the design and inks, get all the stamping done and ensure that each image had been heat set but I am loving how well them turned out.  I have washed the sheets to ensure that the colours will be

permanent and there would be no colour letting from the dye.  Perfect!!

I stamped a little heart on each piece and signed it so he would always be reminded that I love him!!

I will be posting my R&D for figuring out what would work for dyeing the sheets and then stamping them at a later date.  I am up to my ears in projects and hope to get them to my blog ASAP!!


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