Sunday, April 30, 2017

Qulited scraps fabric postcard

I created this fabric postcard using precut triangular scraps which I received in a scrap pack.  I stitched the triangles to create squares then stitched the squares into strips that created black triangles.  I stitched the strips together to create this cool looking arrow pattern.  Once the edges were trimmed even I was a bit short to get the four inches I needed for the postcard so I added a strip of red and blue fabric which provided just the bit of punch of colour that was needed.  I added batting to the back and stitch around all the pieces.   I created a backer and stitched it to the back of the postcard with a line all the way around.  To finish it off, I decided to use one of the quotes that my sister printed for me on fusible fabric using her inkjet printer.  I trimmed this one out, fused it to the front of the postcard and then stitched on these cool little plastic embellishments.  I couched gold braiding into the blanket stitching I did all the way around in white crochet thread.  I like this nice and neat finish to this postcard.  Very happy with this very graphic fun postcard which will be off to by birthday swap partner.  Therese