Thursday, November 03, 2016

Cards with more than a pop of colour!

I found the central images for these cards in a box I was scrounging through the other day looking for something else.  I originally had found them to be too powerful in colour to work the way I had originally intended so they had been set aside.  So I took the time to embellish them with white pencil crayon and a star dust glitter pen to help the images stand out a bit from the backgrounds.  I had originally laser printed the images on white cardstock and added coloured inks in large swatches with a foam brush.  They were created at the same time as the background for these cards.    I created a digital frame along with digital greetings for them and printed them on white cardstock. I cut them into quarter sheets and then trimmed each one just a bit so the colour of the card would show all the way around before I adhered the images into the frame.  These have been pressing for more than a week!!   I have a few more to make up so keep an eye out for them a bit later on.    Therese