Saturday, November 25, 2017

Fabric postcard that features prairie points, sequins and hand stitching

I created this fabric postcard for the birthday swap on my Trading Fabric Postcards group.  I started by creating the prairie points and worked up my design from there.  I stitched them to the edge of an orange strip, pressed them over and added a line of stitching in white to hold them in place.  I folded and pressed the other side of my orange strip leaving it about 3/4" wide. Next, I created a navy patterned border from a strip of fabric by just folding it in half and pressing.  I laid it on the top edge of  my orange strip and stitched it in place.  Once I had that created I looked for a piece of fabric that would work for a background for my focal element.  I found some green fabric with a bit of floral texture in a darker shade which worked well.  I added a layer of batting and stitched several wavy lines across to secure the two together.  After laying my focal element on the background I decided to add another layer above my strip in dark green.  I cut a strip about 3/4" wide, added fusible webbing to the back and then die cut it with a scalloped Sizzix border die. To finalize my design I positioned my element and then positioned the green strip with the scallops just above it then fused it to my background.  I embellished the scallops with orange sequins with green seed beads - one in each scallop and finally adding some blue stitching in each valley.  Next, I stamped celebrate (SU) three times in dark blue ink across the orange strip.  I applied fusible web to the back of my focal element and fused it below the embellished scallops.  I added a white backer and added yet more lines of wavy stitching in between the ones I had created earlier which tighten the visual texture of the background.  I applied fusible webbing to strips of green fabric to use as my binding and trimmed strips to fit each side.  I lay the strips on the front overlapping about a quarter of an inch and fused it in place.  I flipped the postcard over, folded the remainder of the binding strip to the back and fused it into place.  I repeated the procedure for the three other sides.  Once they were in place, I added two lines of stitching using orange thread to very neatly finish off the binding.  A much different look than the last few I have made but I am as happy with it as the others.  It is off to my partner in hopes that it will arrive before her birthday!!         Therese