Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Anniversary card in very neutral tones

I created this card using an embossed layer I created while I was making these cards for my large all occasion card class.  It had some residual lines from the die cutting process which were not masked by the embossing.  I used some black fiber tied over the affected area to camouflage the lines.  I glued some serendipity paper to the back of the heart opening and added a small laser printed greeting.  I adhered a piece of black paper to a white card front and glued the large embossed layer over it leaving an even margin all the way around.  Works so well!!! 


Baby cards using cute images from La Petite Femme on Pixabay

 I love this image from Pixabay (La Petite Femme) and it is perfect for making baby cards.  I sold all I had and needed some in a hurry so I dug through my image stash to see what I had and found the pink one.  I wanted to make a gender neutral one as well so I experimented to see if I could digitally change the colour of the balloon and found that it was very easy in Photo Elements!!  Excellent!!  So I printed off a few in different colours - green, blue and yellow which should make a few more baby cards when I need them next.  Yeah!!!!!!
The first card features a green card layered with some swirly green and white decorative paper cut just a bit smaller than the front of my card.  I laser printed the image after I digitally made the balloon a coordinating green and added a greeting, trimmed it to size and layered it onto grey before mounting it over my decorative paper background using 3D foam tape. 
For the second card I used a larger image which I had already printed with pink balloons.  I cut a pink layer for the image.  I layered a laser printed circle punchie greeting onto a silver circle punchie and adhered it to my image.  I punched a larger circle from the middle of the of my pink layer before adhering it to the back of my image and then I mounted the circle behind my image so it would highlight the greeting.  Really like how that worked out!!  I manually embossed a grey card front around the edges before mounting my focal element to it using double sided tape. 
Loving these cards!!