Saturday, July 14, 2007

Have joined a new list this week - Altered Designs!! What a great bunch of people on there already!! Thanks, Kelly for gathering us into a group!! She issued a challenge to the group - use this "sailor boy" image in some way in a layout.
I created a fat book page (4x4) with him. I printed him out and cut him from the background. Found an image of a dock tie up with some rope so he would have something to lean on. Used some blue acrylic colour wash paper for the sky and found this perfect piece of paste paper in my stash for the sea. Glued all the elements to my cardstock and then wrote the caption on some beige cardstock with a blue marker. It needed "something" so I added some antiquing around the edges with brown watercolour. Added it to my page with antique brads. Decided the sky needed "something" so added a couple of birds with black watercolour!


His expression is interesting and I thought it certainly looked like a question. The question I chose leaves lots of room for personal interpretation. What do you think he hears?

Thanks for taking a look!!
Have a great day and take some time to be creative!!

Therese in Trenton
Mixed Media Market

PS: You can find some of the items I have used for creating on my MMM site - music sheets and typewriter letters!
Tags!! I found this image in my folder and realized I had not uploaded it when I created them! These were for a project I was working on in June!! The tags are made from mat board onto which I stamped a word background ( lost in the scan - sorry), added some torn handmade decorative papers, a scrabble tile, a punched letter and a round layered heart element. The heart element is created with SU punches - 1 3/8'" punched in black and 1 1/4" punched from the page of a book. Added the large folk art heart punch over that!
Wanted just a sublte message on the tags and I think it worked fairly well.
Added a string to attach it to the project!!

My T&T fat book page for July features Amelia Earhart! What a fascinating woman!! I know the scans are not the greatest but it was hard to capture the subtleties of this layout. She flew because she was fascinated with the beauty of the sky!! I wanted to have this layout have that feeling. I used black cardstock and used a ripped piece of paper to create the horizon using white ink. I added stars to the sky with silver pigment ink and a stipple stamp. The larger stars I penned in with a silver gel pen. On the bottom edge of both sides I wrote out some of Amelia's favorite sayings. The two photos I found on the internet and printed them the size I needed. To keep the page closed I added a silver clipola onto which I tied a little airplane charm. I am very happy with the way it turned out - has exactly the feel I was looking to create!!

My yellow and/or musical ATCs for the monthly 1for 1 swap! I made packing tape transfers for these ATCs. So totally fun and easy.

I created cardstock backers with strips of yellow cardstock just for a bit of a change and to include more colours. I colourwashed some old music sheets with yellow acrylic paint and used it as decorative paper behind my tranfers. Added some images to some - postage stamps! They are little mini pieces of art that are so well suited to ATCs. I downloaded the images I used for the transfers from the internet. Added some words and I was done. The font was also downloaded off the internet. Made them all a little different so that if the numbers are low this month it will be easier for the hostess to swap them out.

If you have never made packing tape transfers here are a few instructions. You need some images, letters or words that you can adjust to be the width of your tape in your favorite photo editing software - I use Corel Draw. Print the images on bond paper with your laser printer. Cut them out as you wish. Lay them on your surface with the image facing up. Apply a piece of packing tape over the top and really burnish it to make sure it is in good contact with the image. Now soak the whole thing in water. It will take a few minutes for the paper to absorb the water and soften. Remove from the water and slowly start rubbing the back to remove the paper. Be gentle - you want to remove only the paper not the b & w image that has become fused to the tape (unless you want to remove some of it for a distressed look). Now wipe off both sides and your transfer is ready to be applied to the surface of your project. You will see that the stickiness of the tape is still intact and will allow you to adhere it without any other adhesive. Lots of fun!! Try it!!


Some refurbished cards!! A while back I had someone donate a BAG full of cards to me. I refurbished the handmade ones a while back and this time did some of the commercial ones along with some of the handmade ones I have received in the last while. I donate my refurbished cards to a non profit organization who puts them to good use!! It is a win - win!!

I would highly recommend doing the same! Seniors residences, churches, hospitals, etc can all use the cards for anyone who is needing a bit of cheering up or to honour a special occasion when they know that no one else will be sending along any good wishes.