Saturday, July 14, 2007

Have joined a new list this week - Altered Designs!! What a great bunch of people on there already!! Thanks, Kelly for gathering us into a group!! She issued a challenge to the group - use this "sailor boy" image in some way in a layout.
I created a fat book page (4x4) with him. I printed him out and cut him from the background. Found an image of a dock tie up with some rope so he would have something to lean on. Used some blue acrylic colour wash paper for the sky and found this perfect piece of paste paper in my stash for the sea. Glued all the elements to my cardstock and then wrote the caption on some beige cardstock with a blue marker. It needed "something" so I added some antiquing around the edges with brown watercolour. Added it to my page with antique brads. Decided the sky needed "something" so added a couple of birds with black watercolour!


His expression is interesting and I thought it certainly looked like a question. The question I chose leaves lots of room for personal interpretation. What do you think he hears?

Thanks for taking a look!!
Have a great day and take some time to be creative!!

Therese in Trenton
Mixed Media Market

PS: You can find some of the items I have used for creating on my MMM site - music sheets and typewriter letters!


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  2. Lovely Therese! However, I think he looks angry, either at his dad for leaving him behind when he so wants to go out to sea with him, or at his Mom who sent him off to work as a captain's boy to make money to send home!

  3. HI Therese!!!
    I can't see how to send you an email thought I'd answer your comment question on my blog....
    I slice up the zucchini, blanch it for about a minute, cool off immediately in ice water and then freeze into the meal portions for us.
    Hope this helps!
    THANKS for visiting my blog....!!!

  4. Hi there Therese! Oh, so wonderful to hear from you and see that you have a blog...Yes, I know Suzanne who is a wonderful supplier of materials and great workshops! I am going to take a closer look at your blog and see what you have been up to lately! Fondest regards, Lorraine


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