Friday, May 18, 2012

Little fabric quilts

Started this quilting project last week.  I am wanting to make some fabric journal covers like Teesha Moore has created.  You can check out the tutorial  here!  I have finished the edges on these three. I think I will put together a few more with different fabrics. It has been a very long time since I did hand sewing but I have really enjoyed doing these. I am looking forward to using up some fabric scraps and these little quilts are so easy to take along to be worked up in the car or anywhere you might be waiting for a bit of time.  Once I have a bit of a selection I will start doing the inner quilting.  I love the embellishing she does with beads and so on once she has created the fabric journal covers.
I have used a mixture of fabrics - cotton, silky polyester, etc.  I used craft thread on some and embroidery thread on others.  She recommended the pearl thread which I think might be worth investing in.  I wanted to try it out with what I had just to see what sorts of results I was able to achieve.  So, now that I have started I hope to keep a little stack of blanks ready to go and work on these regularly - a bit of creativity every day!!